Cleaning hack: Facebook user shares ‘amazing’ trick to clean house using mayonnaise

A Facebook user has amazed the internet as she revealed an easy cleaning trick. She explained the simple way to get rid of stubborn marks off white walls by using one simple household product. How does it work?


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When a property is lived in, certain areas – like the walls – can start to look grubby.

However, there could be a very easy trick for those who have noticed their walls looking less than fresh.

Homeowners do not need to look any further than their own cupboards for the magic cleaning product.

The post included a short video of one homeowner using a jar of mayonnaise to banish marks from her wall.

She is shown putting a dollop of mayonnaise onto a cloth before wiping crayon marks from a white wall.

The post was shared in the Cleaning Tips & Tricks Facebook group and wowed other users.

The cleaner suggested the tip could be particularly helpful for those with young children.

She wrote: “Just so everyone that’s a mom knows. Mayonnaise takes crayon off walls.”

The popular post has since racked up an incredible 4.1 million views.

In the video, the woman dabs a cloth in mayonnaise and rubs it across the marks.

Remarkably, the black crayon quickly disappeared from the white wall.

Facebook users were quick to share their excitement and many claimed they would try it for themselves.


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One enthusiastically commented: “Ooo I have some crayon in my wall right now – gonna try this.”

“I’m going to buy some mayonnaise lol my kids are terrible I think I should get them to do it,” another added.

A third said: “amazing!! I done a house swap last September, EVERY room had crayons on the walls, doors radiators I spent hours cleaning it, there was some I couldn’t get off completely I’ll be trying this tomorrow.”

However, some shared their concern about what mayonnaise would do to the wall.

One wrote: “It would leave a big grease stain on your wall. No way.”

“Don’t believe that, it would leave grease marks,” said another.

A Facebook user who had tried the trick explained it did leave a mark on their wall.

“We tried this and it stained the wall with an oil-like stain. Never again,” they commented.

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