Christie blasts Joe Biden for broken promise to kids: Admin 'in bed with teachers unions'

Biden broke his first promise to students because admin ‘in bed with teachers unions’: Christie

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the CDC easing mask restrictions on most places except for schools.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that President Biden “broke his first promise” to students on school reopenings because the administration is “in bed” with teacher unions. The former GOP presidential candidate in 2016 also said he would not rule out running again in 2024. 


CHRIS CHRISTIE: Joe Biden promised he’d have all our kids back in school in the classroom within his first 100 days. 

Promises made, promise broken, why? Because Joe Biden’s administration is in bed with the teachers union. And teachers union leadership only cares about one thing: the comfort of adults, not the care of children. 

And we look at all the science and they said all during the campaign, you remember it: follow the science, we will follow the science. Well, they’re not following the science on this because the evidence tells us that school is the safest place for kids to be and for adults, and it’s been the place where it has been spread the least during the COVID-19 crisis, so this is ridiculous. 

And again it’s just a sop to the teachers union, it’s happening all over the country, and what it’s going to do is have long-term damage to our kids, both psychologically and in terms of their education. And outraged parents, no matter what party you’re in should be standing up and fighting against this.

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