Changing Rooms star Andy Kane shares expert tips to avoid costly DIY disasters

Changing Rooms: Jordan paints the walls using a broom

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Almost half of homeowners renovated their home during the summer, with around one in four projects resulting in accidental damage to the property. To avoid further DIY disasters, former Channel Four Changing Rooms star and DIY expert, Andy Kane, has shared some helpful advice when taking on a home renovation.

An increasing number of homeowners are taking on their own home improvement projects, with recent figures from a study by More Than showing almost half, or 48 percent, had embarked on a DIY job during the summer.

Around one in four homeowners have caused damage to their properties while carrying out a DIY task, the research shows.

Since 2011, More Than, an insurance company, revealed claims for damages to flooring had increased by 36 percent, while claims for damages to glazed windows had risen by 90 percent.

On average, homeowners spend £1,357 on home improvements.

Instead of appointing a professional tradesperson to carry out the work, 52 percent said they preferred to undertake the work themselves.

According to the study, one in five people stated they would watch home improvement shows on television to gain DIY skills.

DIY expert, Andy Kane, starred on Changing Rooms between 1996 and 2004.

The popular home renovation show recently returned to the screen with interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

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Reflecting on the return of the programme, Andy said: “Many Brits up and down the country have dusted off their tools to spruce up their homes, and I’m sure the return of such an iconic home makeover programme will inspire many more to do the same.” 

To prevent any DIY disasters, Andy has provided some key advice to consider before embarking on any home improvement task.  


To ensure homeowners avoid exceeding a budget or are too ambitious with the plans, Andy advised on itemising everything for the project. 

He suggested listing each item on a spreadsheet or piece of paper, with the estimated costs, and a note of any useful websites to source materials.

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Having another person to assist with a DIY project can prove more productive and safer.

“Whether it’s lifting a heavy shelf or having someone spot your ladder, working as a team can be safer and more fun,” explained Andy.

Protective gear

Wearing protective gear while carrying out a DIY task is vital. Items such as safety glasses, earphones or a dust mask are important to wear.


Before taking on a project which involves electrics or plumbing, the fuse box and water mains must first be switched off. 

Andy advised on seeking help from a registered electrician or plumber.

Measuring up

Miscalculating a measurement during a task can lead to a project being ruined. Andy advised on ensuring everything is measured accurately and to double check the measurements.

He suggested a useful tip to avoid any errors was to draw markings in pencil in the areas where an item or piece of shelving will be placed.

Store away items

All personal items should be stored away or covered over before a project to prevent them from being damaged.

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