Bus fares will remain at £2, Rishi Sunak promises Tory Party Conference

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledged to keep the £2 bus fare at the Conservative Party Conference today.

The multi-million-pound initiative was originally launched as a temporary measure at the start of the year to help people with the rising cost of living pressures. 

Following an extension in May, the price was due to remain at £2 until October 31, 2023, to help people save even more money on travel and encourage the use of buses. 

During his speech, Mr Sunak said the Government will deliver “70 other road schemes”, “resurface roads across the country” and “keep the £2 bus fare across the whole country”.

After confirming the Government will be scrapping the northern leg of HS2, Mr Sunak also announced he would spend “every single penny” of the £36billion saved to invest in new transport projects in the North and Midlands.

Mr Sunak said: “This means £36 billion of investment in the project that will make a real difference across our nation.”

He noted: “We will protect the £12billion to link up Manchester and Liverpool as planned and we’ll engage with local leaders on how best to deliver that scheme”.

He added: “We’ll build the Midlands Rail Hub connecting 50 different stations, we will help Andy Street extend the West Midlands Metro, we will build the Leeds tram, we will electrify the North Wales mainline, upgrade A1, the A2, the A5, the M6.

“We will connect our union with the A75, boosting links between Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

More to follow…

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