Britons urged to check homes for old phones as ‘brick’ valued at £1,000

The ultimate ‘brick phone’ has been revealed – and it’s thought to be the UK’s oldest mobile phone and is worth £1,000.

The vintage Motorola 4800X mobile phone dates back to 1989 and is owned by warehouse worker Mark, from Sully, near Cardiff.

The grandad, 59, was given the phone when he worked as a service engineer for a catering company during the 1980s.

He said: “We used to share the phone in work, whoever was on call at the weekends had the phone.

“You put the 1.5kg mobile over your shoulder to carry home and the battery lasted about 30 minutes.

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“The phone still sits in the original case, and I still have the charger for it, so I bring it out at parties, and everyone loves it.”

The antique item was worth more than £1,000 in the 1980s, which is over £1,400 in today’s money.

Researchers from Mobile Phones Direct found the same Motorola phone on sale for its original price of £1,000.

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Mark left the catering company years later but has kept the vintage phone for more than 30 years.

Dan Melia, director of Networks at Mobile Phones Direct comments on Marks vintage mobile, said: “It’s fascinating to see the Motorola 4800X Mobile still in action, especially as Mark keeps it as a cherished piece of history to entertain his grandchildren.

“This illustrates the remarkable ability of phones to facilitate connects, whether it’s an antique phone bringing nostalgic joy to the entire family or a modern mobile allowing us to keep in touch with loved ones.”

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The company has now kitted out Mark with a modern upgrade, with a more company Samsung Galaxy S22.

But the grandad said he will continue to cherish his historical artefact for his family. He said: “My kids always ask me to bring the phone out, they think it’s hysterical.

“It started off with my children, who have now got their own children, and it has made its way down generations as a hysterical party piece.”

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