‘Biggest advice’ for homeowners to sell their house – makes it ‘inviting’

Sarah Beeny gives advice on selling your home fast

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Whether transforming a room with paint or adding an accent through textiles or accessories – the power of colour is strong. It can transform any space instantly, making rooms feel bigger, brighter, cosier and more inviting. But did you know that colour is an important element of staging a property? So it is unsurprising that many estate agents suggest a change in room colours to help their sellers shift their homes from the market more quickly, and potentially get a better price, too.

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But as colour is so impactful, it’s essential to choose the right ones for the home. 

Here estate agents have shared the several quirks that potential buyers notice when touring a home – from statement paint ideas to small touches that may just make all the difference. 

Carolyn Gagnon, an estate agent with Compass advised sellers to stick with a neutral colour scheme.

She said: “The biggest advice when selling a home is to stay relatively neutral and have warm and inviting colours.

“You want buyers to feel the warmth of your home while being able to envision themselves living in it – soon.”

Therefore, for those debating a bold or neutral colour scheme when selling, the agent recommends the latter – adding that the walls are one of the most impactful areas of a room. 

The expert added: “Wall colour is huge – if you have a colour that doesn’t make sense for a potential buyer, they simply can’t imagine themselves in the space.

“Also, when the colour is light and bright, spaces often appear larger, so stick with the white, grey, or beige walls.”

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So, when choosing your paint, it is important to consider the different light levels in a home than those in the paint store – whether homeowners are selling or not. 

Those keeping things neutral, it can be easy to neglect colour altogether. However, it is important to add pockets of vibrancy to ensure your home doesn’t feel too clinical. 

Jeff Lichtenstein, the President and Founder of ECHO Fine Properties, suggests doing this through art and accent wall colour ideas.

He said: “Accents and pictures are the best way to add colours while keeping things neutral.”

“Homes that are too stark need to paint more of a grey or neutral with some warmth. 

“Too stark white can come off as cold and hard to visualise if it’s over white.”

When looking for a new toaster or kettle for your space, it can be hard to believe that this appliance may impact the sale of a home. However, Jeff Lichtenstein suggests this is the case. 

Just as the agent suggests injecting bright tones through artwork, he recommends adding colour to your kitchen through appliances. 

He said: “Little accents like a bright yellow tea kettle and inexpensive swivel chairs by an island can brighten up a room.”

Eyal Pasternak, the Founder of Liberty House Buying Group advised sellers against using dark colours to paint the exterior of their home.

He warned: “A blanket advice I would give to anyone out there is to avoid standalone dark colours, especially on the exterior of the house.

“These look unappealing and often end up needing more cleaning.”

For those who want to experiment with dark colours, he suggests saving the tones for accents that can stand out against a more neutral hue. 

This will give your home a monochromatic look that will impress buyers – and may move your home from the market faster. 

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