Biden camp asks for $30M in fundraising appeal to beat Trump's lawsuits

Biden moves forward with transition as election dispute continues

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President-elect Joe Biden's campaign is fundraising to fight the Trump campaign's legal efforts, vowing to "re-launch" its "fight fund" even as Biden has tried to downplay his opponent's lawsuits.

"Donald Trump is doubling down on lawsuits," a campaign email read on Tuesday night. 

The campiagn argued that "litigation is expensive, but we need to be prepared to fight these lawsuits regardless and ensure Trump doesn’t win them just because we don’t have the funds to fight back. Which is why today we are re-launching our Biden Fight Fund, and why we need your help to fill it with $30 million in the coming days and weeks."

The campaign added that it "wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t truly need $30 million to be able to fund the legal work ahead — we can’t run out of resources now, which is why we need to fill this fund as soon as we can."

The campaign previously promoted the "Biden Fight Fund" on the day after the election. Since then, the number of Trump's lawsuits has grown while several have been shot down by courts.

As late as Tuesday evening, the campaign was expected to file a lawsuit blocking Michigan from certifying its election results, citing a need to verify that the ballots were "tabulated in accordance with the law."

Tuesday's email from the Biden campaign came hours after he shrugged off President Trump’s frefusal to accept the election outcome as “inconsequential,” even as Democrats elsewhere warned that the Republican president’s actions were dangerous.

He described Trump’s position as little more than an “embarrassing” mark on the outgoing president’s legacy, while predicting that Republicans on Capitol Hill would eventually accept the reality of Biden’s victory. The Republican resistance, Biden said, “does not change the dynamic at all in what we’re able to do.”

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