‘Better by carrier pigeon!’ Britons slam ‘inflation-busting’ rise in cost of stamps

GB News panellists discuss the price hike of Royal Mail stamps

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The price of a first class stamp is set to rise by 10 pence, which means people will have to spend 95 pence to send a letter. Second class stamps will also increase, this time by two pence to a 68 pence total.

Royal Mail explained the move was as a consequence of delivering to more addresses, which was adding to costs.

The changes are set to come into force from April 4 onwards.

April will mark a month of rising prices for Britons as the cost of living begins to bite.

Energy prices are set to rise, alongside National Insurance rates, and inflation is predicted to hit nearly eight percent. 

Some have therefore argued a rise to stamp prices is yet another issue individuals will have to reckon with.

The comedian Sajeela Kershi expressed her shock at the price rise when appearing alongside Andrew Doyle on GB News. 

She said: “Oh my God! I can’t believe it. I buy maybe one book of stamps per year.

“A first class stamp will now cost 95 pence, and the second class is 68 pence.

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“That is really a lot of money! I do think that is a really high price to pay for a stamp.

“I’ve now decided that if anyone sends you a love letter via second class stamp, they really just aren’t into you.”

Ms Kershi even joked it would be better to send a letter “by carrier pigeon” rather than to fork out money for postage. 

Britons have also taken to social media in droves to show their outrage at the rising prices. 

Twitter user @Sour_and_Grump said: “Way to go Royal Mail – address falling letter volumes by imposing inflation busting rise in price of stamps.”

@JeremyGasson referenced the rising cost of living, expressing his shock at the increase.

He stated: “That’s almost a 12 percent rise – very helpful for everyone in current climate – how can this be allowed and justified?”

@JuliaWindsor3 wrote: “There are people out there who have no choice but to use the Royal Mail and are being royally punished for it, they simply won’t be able to afford it.”

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While @buffybatik remarked: “Goodness! I’m old enough to remember them being 3p!”

Nick Landon, chief commercial officer at Royal Mail, stated the organisation needed to balance pricing against declining letter volumes and the cost of delivering to more addresses.

He added: “As customer needs change and we see a greater shift from letters to parcels, it is vital that the universal service adapts to stay relevant and sustainable

“These price changes are necessary to ensure we can continue to maintain and invest in the one-price-goes-anywhere universal service for future generations.”

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