Apple Car 'revealed' with 360-degree two-seater cockpit that swivels around

COULD this be what Apple's long-rumoured futuristic car looks like?

A designer has come up with a prototype mock-up of how the self-driving vehicle could turn out, featuring a bizarre 360-degree pod that can swivel around.

Apple is known for taking its time to perfect projects, so something like this isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

The concept, imagined by car designer Devanga Borah, shows one way the long-awaited vehicle could end up.

It shows two seats in the rotating pod, like something out of a sci-fi movie.

A door will fling open to reveal the two seats, Yanko Design reports.

The seats are practically reclined for maximum comfort.

The style takes a very Apple approach too, opting for clean whites and blacks, and of course the iconic logo slapped on.

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And as it's autonomous, the vehicle drives up when you request it, does all the hard work for you, before finding itself a parking spot and waiting to be summoned by someone else.

Though it offers and exciting glimpse at what could be, we're still a long way from finding out even the tiniest confirmed detail about Apple's top secret plans.

The iPhone maker has been tight-lipped about its car project for years – and it could ultimately decide not to go ahead with it at all in the end.

At the moment, we reportedly might have to wait as long as 2028 at the earliest to get a glimpse of the real thing.

The secret work is known as Project Titan and could see Apple make an electric car to rival Tesla.

It is thought to have gone through a number of iterations since 2014, as the firm looks to what the future of driver-less passenger cars could look like.

It was previously thought that Apple was working with Kia to make a car.

Although the plans have not been public just yet, the sources say the tech giant has been wanting to build a personal vehicle to rival other companies.

Some say the coronavirus pandemic has created significant delays for Apple, which could push the production of such a driverless vehicle into 2025 or even after.

One source previously told Reuters that the car would have a new battery that's "next level…like the first time you saw the iPhone".

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