American confused at the way British people park outside their homes – can you see what's wrong? | The Sun

THERE are plenty of things in your everyday life that might seem completely normal – but would absolutely baffle someone from a different culture.

An American TikToker living in the UK has gone viral after pointing out a strange quirk Brits do with our motors.

In the video, which has racked up over 100,000 views, the American films a row of houses with cars parked outside their garages.

And he asked: "Why do British people build garages in their living rooms but then park in their front yards? It's so strange."

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The post was then flooded with comments from Brits who couldn't resist getting a laugh out of the confusion – joking we havce more important uses for garages.

One person wrote: "We store all our tea in there obviously."


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Another said: “The garage isn't for cars so what's that got to do with the driveway? The garage is for storing tea bags and a permanently boiled kettle.”

And a third commented: “Can't be bothered to open and close garage, they'd rather drive off."

However, some more serious comments offering the TikTok visitor a proper explanation.

They told them that garages are often too small for modern cars, and are usually used for storage instead.

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One posted: “We just store stuff in there. The houses are quite small.”

Another commenter added: “Yeah, I’m from the UK and some of the house designs make zero sense.

"The garage is mainly for storage, cars now are too big for garages.”

Some Brits also took the side of the American, with one saying: “You have a point actually.

"I’ve never seen a car into a garage in this country.”

A second questioned: “Have wondered this and I’m British.”

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