‘Absolute steal’ DIY newbie transforms staircase for just £65 – ‘absolutely over the moon’

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Jodie Hogg, 35, from Sheffield, recently saved over £300 on her staircase by transforming it herself. Using self-taught DIY skills, Jodie managed to paint her stairs as well as lay a runner, completely transforming the look.

Jodie spoke exclusively to big sale marketplace LovetheSales.com about her experience.

She said: “Re-carpeting and renovating any part of the house can be so expensive and overpriced, my initiative saved me hundreds and I’m glad I listened to my gut.

“After spending a whole year at home due to lockdown, I began to realise that my stairs needed some major TLC.

“However, labour can be so expensive, which made me want to try something DIY style.

“Like anyone else, I initially went online to find a quote or contractor to see their price.”

Jodie explained that some of the prices were more than £300 for just the labour.

She added: “I’m no carpenter by any means, but I am super creative and I knew that I could get a professional finish without paying professional prices.

“That’s when the idea struck me, I could just do it myself.

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“After a cheeky Google and reading one or two articles, I was ready to go. I started by removing the carpet. It was as simple as tear, rip and repeat.

“Sanding down the stairs for reapplication seemed daunting, but it was also super easy.

“You can get the sandpaper from any local DIY store or online like I did for just a few pounds.

“Once you finish this step, you’ve basically done all the prep work.

“I painted the stairs in eggshell and got new stair runners. I know it’s a habit to go to B&Q or Homebase, but stores like B&M bargains have great quality products.”

The DIY experimenter explained that the paint and the runner cost just £12 from B&M.

She said: “An absolute steal!

“I borrowed a staple gun from a neighbour to lay down the stair runner and just pressed the button along the edges and intersections.

“All in all it took a few hours to complete, and I’m absolutely over the moon with the results that I got, carpenters eat your heart out!”

Jodie said for her it’s all about the “initiative”.

She said: “Professionals, whether a plumber or carpenter, are charging you for using their skills, some of which are necessary, but some you can learn yourself and save a lot of money.

“Simply put, by reading some articles and watching online videos, I knew I could learn what I needed to do myself, for a fraction of the cost.”

Stuart McClure, co-founder of LovetheSales.com, commented: “Jodie has been able to uncover one of the biggest open secrets within the carpentry industry, people are paid for their skills and learning the basics means you can save a lot more than you think.

“In a post-Covid era, it’s more important than ever for people to be creative and save money any way they can.”

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