A train derailed in Scotland, sending plumes of smoke into the air and injuring an unknown number of people

  • A train derailed in Scotland on Wednesday morning, sending huge plumes of smoke into the air.
  • Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister, said in parliament that "there are early reports of serious injuries," though few details have been gathered.
  • Around 30 emergency services vehicles have arrived, with more still coming to the scene, the BBC reported.
  • Scotland's railways are currently dealing with flooding, which caused delays and cancellations on Wednesday morning.
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A train derailed in Scotland on Wednesday morning, prompting a huge emergency response and injuring an unknown amount of people.

The train derailed near near Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, according to the BBC. The network reported that around 30 emergency vehicles are at the scene, with more arriving.

The Scottish Sun reported that there are injuries, but did not say how many were hurt or how badly.

Photo and video footage from the scene shows smoke rising from the train.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister, said in parliament that a "ScotRail passenger train derailed" and that, based on her talks with emergency services, "though details are still emerging, and I am afraid to say that there are early reports of serious injuries."

She tweeted that it was "an extremely serious incident."

She wrote: "This is an extremely serious incident. I've had an initial report from Network Rail and the emergency services and am being kept updated. All my thoughts are with those involved."

Network Rail Scotland, which manages Scotland's railways, said much was still known about the derailment.

"We are working alongside the emergency services to respond to an incident involving a train near Stonehaven. It is too early to confirm the exact nature and severity of the incident and more details will be made available once known," it said in a tweet.

The British Transport Police also confirmed that it was responding to the incident.

It said that it's officers were called to the scene at 9.43 a.m., and was working with the ambulance service and paramedics.

Heavy rainfall had impacted Scotland's railways throughout the day, forcing almost 200 train journeys to be cancelled on Wednesday morning.

The British Transport Police warned earlier on Wednesday that the rain had caused "significant disruption" and would cause delays.

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