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Martha Stewart is the queen of comfort food. There’s just no denying it. She’s got cookbooks about pies
and cookies, her magazine is loaded with elegant yet satisfying recipes, and she always shares the most moutwatering meals on Instagram. In fact, she just shared a dish that looks so creamy, dreamy, cheesy, and delish that we’re probably going to make it as soon as possible — like, lamictal bipolar crazy meds tonight. It’s her mash-up of two of our favorite cold-weather meals: French onion soup macaroni and cheese.


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The combination of these two stick-to-your-ribs favorites makes a lot of sense. The best part of both dishes is arguably the layer of melted cheese on top, and in this recipe, Stewart uses a triple whammy of Gruyère, fontina, and Emmentaler. The pasta that you usually find in mac and cheese is joined by torn pieces of baguette, like the crouton you’d find on top of French onion soup. There’s a generous helping of caramelized onions, deglazed with wine and seasoned with mustard, that adds a sweet and tangy note to each bite of the cheesy pasta.

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To make the dish, cooked pasta is mixed with a homemade cheese sauce, then is spooned into ramekins
. The mac and cheese is topped with a layer of seasoned caramelized onions, then a layer of torn baguette pieces. The ramekins are baked for 7 minutes before getting a topping of more cheese, and they’re baked yet again until hot and bubbly.

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The result? A layer of creamy, decadent mac and cheese, followed by a layer of sweet and tangy onions, then a crust of toasted baguette covered with a blanket of melted and browned three-cheese blend. It’s indulgent, comforting, and so much better than either of the dishes it was inspired by.

If you’ve ever thought French onion soup was a little old-fashioned, or that mac and cheese was overdone and boring, then you’ll want to check out Martha Stewart’s French onion mac and cheese recipe.

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