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For a lot of couples, sharing a bed is a love/hate relationship.

Some nights it can be the best thing in the world, like a cosy and safe dreamland.

Other times, it can be a form of hell all earth. It’s all limbs and frustration and sweat – and if your partner snores, you simply lie awake, waiting for morning to come.

A good night’s sleep is key to a person’s overall health, medicine hat co op medicine hat and the same goes for a relationship.

If you and your beloved are getting a full eight hours, then chances are your partnership will be all the better for it.

However, if sleep struggles are a part of your nightly routine, how do you fix it for the sake of yourself and your love life?

Well, now experts at Dreams are advising couples to deliberately go to bed before one another.

Recent research carried out by the company found that for over half of the week (3.64 times per week), Brits are having a disturbed, broken, or experiencing a bad night’s sleep.

The sleep study of 15,000 Brits also discovered that 81% of people have shared a bed with a partner at some point in their lives, with 55% revealing that their partner snoring is the most annoying thing about sharing a bed.

Over a quarter (27%) admitted to sleeping much better when they are alone and 8% of Brits have even considered getting separate beds from their partner to help them sleep.

‘Stress and lack of sleep can have a significant impact on couples and their home life,’ Sammy Margo, Sleep Expert at Dreams says.

‘People can be more prone to arguments when they’re tired or stressed because fatigue and pressure can impact someone’s ability to control their emotions and respond to situations calmly and rationally. Additionally, tiredness can lead to miscommunication or misunderstandings, which may also contribute to arguments.

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