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There has never been a better time to explore equine adoption—as the ASPCA’s Right Horse Adoption Partners are committed to helping you find your next horse. Adoptable horses are just like the loveable, capable horses you will find available for sale, and there are many exciting benefits to adopting.

Here are five special perks when you adopt from one of our Partners:

  1. You will work with expert matchmakers. Our Partners are knowledgeable and transparent about the medical and training history of every horse in their care, so when you choose a horse to adopt, doxycycline sun exposure long after you can feel confident that you have found the right match.
  2. Our Adoption Partners are your biggest support system, even after you bring your horse home. You will likely have questions as you and your new horse get settled, and you can trust our Adoption Partners to offer guidance and encouragement along the way. 
  3. There is a place for your adopted horse should you need help. Our Partners understand that sometimes life circumstances change. Should you ever need to rehome your adopted horse, your adoption organization will always welcome them back and will work to find your horse their next great home. 
  4. Adoption is a great value! Adoption fees are typically lower than the prices you will find when purchasing a horse from the general market. Plus, your adoption fee provides the shelter with critical funding to help other at-risk horses.
  5. When you adopt, you join a community of horse enthusiasts and animal-lovers. You will likely have the opportunity to connect with fellow adopters during and after your adoption adventure.

But the biggest benefit of all is this: by choosing to adopt, you are making a positive impact for horses in your community and beyond. Each adoption facilitates a lifesaving cycle, freeing a stall for the next horse in need. Adoption is a choice you can feel great about!

Ready to take the next step in your adoption journey? Visit myrighthorse.org to browse adoptable horses nationwide. 

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