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A South Dakota teacher handed out letters to four students that negated their gender identities. The note, which was shared on Twitter, tells the high schoolers that “every cell in your body is female — feminine.” He explained that this is the “truth” that he wants those students to pursue.

“That’s what being a good teacher does, right?” he wrote, is protopic available in india enclosing a video with the note. “This DVD will explain everything more clearly than I can — the spiritual as well as the scientific facts.”

He added that calling students the gender by which they identify would be a “lie.”

Watertown School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Danielson confirmed what happened in a statement, per Dakota News Now. ”We did have a faculty member at the high school hand out a letter to four different students. That letter did discuss the students’ gender identity,” he said “Our response up until this point is has been that the school district does not support those actions by the faculty member. We do not support discrimination of any kind for our students. We want to make sure that we create a safe learning environment for every child that comes through our doors.”

A text message was also sent to the school’s parents confirming that the teacher had indeed handed out letters to some of his students. Heather Hoffman, the mother of one of the trans students who received the letter, told Watertown Public Opinion that she felt, above all, disbelief.

“These people are in place to protect our children, and that’s not what’s happening,” she said. “This is a premeditated attack, that he had to type up the letter. I don’t understand how that is allowed and he is still teaching at the school today.”

An investigation is currently underway, according to Watertown Public Opinion. “We are handling this as quickly as possible,” Danielson said.

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