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Centenarian reveals SURPRISE drink that helps her live longer

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A person’s life longevity is largely determined by the decisions they make along the way. Choosing to get the recommended amount of exercise, drinking sensibly, abstaining from smoking and choosing the right foods to nourish the body will all determine how long you will live for. According to numerous studies and research, following a Mediterranean diet is not only an easy way of eating healthier with delicious food options, it will also prevent major diseases to help you to live longer.

Sticking to the Mediterranean diet for 12 months was associated with beneficial changes to the gut microbiome and stemming the loss of bacterial diversity, following a study.

The researchers observed an increase in the types of bacteria previously associated with indicators of reduced frailty, such as walking speed and hand grip strength, and improved brain function, such as memory.

Following the diet was also associated with reduced production of potentially harmful inflammatory chemicals.

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The researchers said the most striking finding was “the consistency of associations of the diet-modulated microbiome markers with biological markers of ageing (independent of nationality)”.

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, cheap allopurinol coupon no prescription was based on an analysis of food intake information from more than 10,000 middle-aged U.S. adults who were monitored from 1987 through 2016 and did not have cardiovascular disease at the start of the study.

They then categorised the participants’ eating patterns by the proportion of plant-based foods they ate versus animal-based foods.

Overall, the study reported that people who ate the most plant-based foods had a 16 percent lower risk of having a cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks, stroke, heart failure and other conditions helping to boost longevity.

The highest consumption of plant-based foods was also associated with a 32 percent lower risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease.

Following the Mediterranean diet, the health and diversity of the gut microbes improved, preventing and treating conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and inflammation associated with autoimmune diseases.

What the expert said

Marialaura Bonaccio, an epidemiologist at the Mediterranean Neurological Institute IRCCS Neuromed said: “Because we are facing an ageing process all over the world, in particular in Europe, it is particularly important to see which kinds of tools we have today to face this ageing process.

“We all know that the Mediterranean diet is good for health but there are few studies focusing on the elderly.

“Previous studies have suggested benefits linked to both heart disease and cancer.”

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