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This Morning: Expert on eggs reducing risk of heart disease

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Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Sara said: “Eggs have been one of those things that have kind of gone up and down.” Considered to be quite a controversial food, there’s lots of conflicting advice when it comes to the small breakfast food. However, a new study has shared they could cut your risk of cardiovascular disease.

The TV doctor continued: “One minute, generic chloroquine pharm support group without prescription we’re being told that they are horrendous.

“Now, we know that actually yes they are full of cholesterol but good cholesterol – the kind that clears the bad cholesterol.

“A study done in Peking University showed that it increases the amount of healthy building blocks for healthy cholesterol and boosts metabolism and improves your healthy proteins.

“Therefore, these things put together can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.”

The research, published in the journal eLife, concluded that eating up to one egg daily could help lower your risk.

This study adds to the previous evidence that found that those who ate eggs had a “substantially” lower risk of heart disease.

To better understand the link, the authors carried out a population-based research, exploring egg consumption further.

The research team selected 4,778 participants from the China Kadoorie Biobank, with 3,401 participants suffering from a cardiovascular disease.

Using a technique called targeted nuclear magnetic resonance to measure 225 metabolites, their analysis showed that those who ate eggs in moderation had higher levels of so-called apolipoprotein A1.

This is considered the building-block of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), also known as “good lipoprotein”.

These molecules can help “clear” cholesterol from your blood and therefore help protect your heart.

The team concluded that participants who ate fewer eggs had lower levels of beneficial metabolites and higher levels of harmful ones in their blood, compared to those who ate eggs more regularly.

Author Canqing Yu said: “Together, our results provide a potential explanation for how eating a moderate amount of eggs can help protect against heart disease.

“More studies are needed to verify the causal roles that lipid metabolites play in the association between egg consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

When it comes to the potent part of an egg, Dr Sara shared it’s “actually both” the white and the yolk.

She added: “The two together can work symbiotically to be healthy for you.

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