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Vigil: Suranne Jones stars in trailer for BBC drama series

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The Gentleman Jack and former Corrie star started receiving medication for crippling anxiety after the death of both her parents. Jones told the Thanks a Million podcast she couldn’t drive because of panic attacks.

“I had what I call an ‘emotional breakdown’ where I couldn’t go out without being very aware of everybody staring at me,” she said.

“I couldn’t drive the car because I was having panic attacks and then I went to see the doctor.

“I went on medication and I went into a beautiful care area of my life. Now I genuinely feel like I’ve moved through it and past it.”

Jones has been open about how her personal losses have affected her.

She shared photographs as a tribute to them, which showed the star with her father on a Cornwall beach, reported Birmingham Live.

“Happy birthday mum,” she said.

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“Forever on a beach in Cornwall with dad. Mum passed away four and a half years ago and my father sadly passed away this January after fighting Covid and the effect it had on his body, quetiapine fumarate prescribed for sleep ” added the BBC Virgil actress.

The star admitted in the past she has had trouble getting “nervous” riding on the London underground because of her anxiety.

She said in a past Instagram post that her “anxiety can spike and catch me unawares”.

Panic disorder, unlike feeling anxious and panicking in stressful or dangerous situations, is when people panic regularly at any time, apparently for no reason, explains the NHS.

During a panic attack, people tend to have a rush of intense mental and physical feelings.

The symptoms can include a racing heartbeat, feeling faint, sweating, nausea and having a dry mouth, according to the health body.

Other symptoms include:

  • Ringing in your ears
  • A feeling of dread or a fear of dying
  • A churning stomach
  • A tingling in your fingers
  • Feeling like you’re not connected to your body.

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