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Nobody is more confident in their beauty than Gabrielle Union’s 3-year-old daughter Kaavia James. The little girl, whom Union shares with husband Dwayne Wade, just made the most adorable makeup tutorial — and she is proud of herself at the end result!

In a new video posted to Instagram yesterday, Kaavia applies foundation for the camera, narrating her tips along the way. The video starts by showing Kaavia in a pink dress, face covered in blotchy foundation. Union asks, “Who did your makeup?” and she responds, “Me!” with a big smile. “Makeup tutorial with Kaavia James” is written over the screen.

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“Step 1: prep face with your favorite concealer,” is written on the video next. She has big splotchy patches of concealer on her forehead and cheeks already, cheap brand cialis no prescription needed which she cutely prepped for the tutorial.

Time for powder! Text on the video now says: “Step 2: grab your favorite face powder and gently pat your face where your concealer is to lock it in!” Kaavia is using a makeup brush to apply powder, then patting it on her forehead and cheeks where the concealer is smeared. She adds a final, dainty pat to the nose, and it is so sweet. She’s taking her tutorial so seriously, with eyes focused on the mirror in front of her.

“And then, right here,” Kaavia explains, as she applies more powder. The directions written on the screen are: “Step 3: Don’t forget to get your T-zone!!”

Then she closes the palette and says, “And then we put this back.” “Don’t forget to clean up your makeup station!” is the last step written on the video. She then twirls and smiles to show off her finished look.

“Nailed it! So subtle, I know, 😧” the video, which is run by Kaavia’s parents, was captioned.

Then, because Kaavia is known as Shady Baby after all, she throws some shade to people’s natural makeup looks. “How some of y’all ‘No makeup makeup’ be lookin 😜😂🤣🤨 #ShadyBaby 💋💄#AllShadeAllTea,” she wrote.

People were loving it. “The girls are shaking because she’s coming for their jobs!🤣🤣🤣🤣” wrote one person. Another commented, “😂🤣 the tutorial I didn’t know I needed. 💕”

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The Cheaper By The Dozen star posted another video of Kaavia today showing off her amazing hair. In a reel set to “Whip My Hair” by WILLOW, Kaavia and her mama are dancing and whipping their hair in front of the mirror.

“Mornings with my, ❤️” she captioned the video. “This lil girl is truly a gift. I cannnnnnnnnt!!! 🤣🥰🎁”

Kaavia is true to herself, and it’s so adorable! If her musical career doesn’t work out, she’ll definitely have a future in the beauty industry!

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