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PMQs: Boris Johnson urged to introduce vitamin D treatment

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Lead author of the study Dr Jennifer Tamblyn said: “We know vitamin D is essential for bone development in the developing baby.

“The placenta also produces large amounts of the active form of vitamin D.”

Dr Tamblyn added: “There is research showing an important role for vitamin D in early pregnancy, including regulation of maternal-foetal immune responses and blood vessel development, which are important for healthy pregnancy.”

The NHS recommends a maximum of 100 micrograms of vitamin D per day for any pregnant and breastfeeding woman; the same applies to all adults.

On the role vitamin D plays in pregnancy, Dr Tamblyn added: “Vitamin D has only really been known for its role in late pregnancy complications but our review supports another role for it too, which could help encourage women to learn about the benefits of taking supplements early.”

Vitamin D supplements are cheap and easy to obtain; they are normally recommended for wider use during the winter months in order to compensate for the lack of sunlight.

However, between April and September, the bodies of most can produce what they need from the sun.

Researchers hope to establish whether a low dose of vitamin D taken early on in a pregnancy can protect against loss; however, there aren’t enough studies in this area to draw a firm conclusion.

Meanwhile, where to buy generic cialis super active trial packs pharmacy it is wise to know good sources of vitamin D so levels can remain healthy.

Good sources of vitamin D include: salmon, red meat, liver, egg yolks, and some fortified foods.

It is important to note while it is possible for someone be deficient in vitamin D, they can also take too much.

Taking too much vitamin D over a prolonged period of time can lead to damage to the bones, heart, and kidneys.

Furthermore, an excess of vitamin D can cause a condition known as hypercalcaemia where calcium builds up in the body.

While possible to take too many vitamin D supplements, too much exposure to sunlight comes with its own risks, including skin cancer and heat stroke.

This comes with its own risks including skin cancer and heat stroke.

Britons are being encouraged to be wary of skin cancer this summer.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said in a statement: “With the sun shining and millions of us jetting off on holiday this summer, it’s important that British holidaymakers stay safe and protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays and the risks of skin cancer.

“More people need to realise that non-melanoma skin cancers are some of the most common in the world – with men almost twice as likely to die than women – but they are also easy to avoid.”

Most skin cancers are caused by the sun’s UV rays chemically altering the make-up of cells.

Ninety percent of skin cancers are avoidable.

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