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You haven’t seen joy until you’ve looked at the picture of Mandy Moore’s son August “Gus” Harrison, who she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith, meeting his baby brother, Oscar “Ozzie” Bennett. The This Is Us star shared the sweetest snapshot of the special moment on Instagram today, where to buy tadacip usa pharmacy featuring the 20-month-old boy lovingly gazing down at the newborn. This one is definitely frame-worthy!

“Gus relishing his role as Big Bro 😎,” Moore captioned the sweet photo. The new family of four are sitting on Moore and Goldsmith’s bed, with Gus in the center. The little boy is propped up with pillows behind him, as Goldsmith carefully presents the little bundle of joy to Gus. The toddler is looking down at Ozzie with the widest grin that reaches his eyes, just totally in love with the precious baby.

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Moore and Goldsmith have equally bright smiles on their tired faces, and it’s just so sweet. There’s nothing like sibling love! 

As a mom of brothers, I’m sobbing. This is one of those distinctive moments that you know you’ll look back on — even while you’re still living it — every time your kids fight or get frustrated with each other. You’ll remember that deep down they love each other so much and have since the very first moment they met. I love that Moore had this moment, too, and it was captured on camera so beautifully.

Many people commented on the adorable picture.

“Buddies,” Hilary Duff’s husband Matthew Koma said. Julianne Hough wrote, “Heaven wow!”

Chef Gaby Dalkin commented, “THE ACTUAL CUTEST.”

“Congratulations!!! There’s no greater feeling than watching your ‘big’ kid hold your little one, 🥰❤️🥰” celebrity stylist Lindsey Dupuis wrote.

Moore and Goldsmith announced baby Ozzie’s arrival on Oct. 22 with a sweet Instagram post.

A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm)

“Ozzie is here! Oscar Bennett Goldsmith arrived a little late but with much aplomb (and an easier/speedier delivery than his big brother, much to the delight of his parents),” Moore wrote.

The “In Real Life” singer continued, “Every adage is true: our hearts have doubled in size and the immediacy of the love is astounding. He is beyond words and we are so grateful for our family of four! 💓💓💓💓”

This growing family is cute beyond words. We can’t wait to see the many other precious moments they share in the future!

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