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For Serena Williams, 39, last year’s lockdown was actually a blessing in disguise, both as a mother and as an athlete.

“As a mom, I got to spend some great time with my family, buy generic decadron best price without prescription my husband and my daughter, and that was so nice,” she explains. “As an athlete, well, we play a socially distanced sport, so we were able to train, but we weren’t able to compete.”

Instead, the former world champion, spent time focusing on rejuvenation, getting healthier and enjoying a little downtime; which, as it turned out, included perfecting the art of baking, enjoying some yoga and trying to find balance.

What are your non-negotiables?

“I’m not a routine person in terms of like, I need coffee. I aim to do yoga every morning; it’s not a must, but I’d probably do it five times a week, which is a lot. So, I don’t have any routines. I try not to have those kinds of routines in terms of food or coffee because I feel like I don’t want to be dependent on anything.”

What are your cheat meals?

“French fries and popcorn, which isn’t a meal. Because I don’t really do cheat meals. I do cheat snacks. I would also say homemade cinnamon rolls!”

What would you normally have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, just on an average day?

“Well, yeah, I’m really into this lately. I realised that for breakfast, I like to have a light breakfast. I’ll usually take 120 calories. So that’s like an apple or two boiled eggs, water and coffee if I want, but just black, no sugar, no anything else. I just try to reach 120 calories for my breakfast, because it gets my metabolism going, gets everything started. Then during the day, I just really try to make sure I have lots of greens and then lots of protein, not necessarily meat, but more through beans or something like that. And then a few complex carbs, depending on if I worked out enough or not.”

If you just did a big training session, is there a specific food that you would eat afterwards to help with recovery or to help with your hunger?

“Definitely lots of greens. Sometimes I just go home and make a shake, or I eat a lot of nuts just immediately afterwards, so I can have some sort of quick protein.”

What do you love about baking and what is your favourite thing to make?

“I think my favourite so far is a strawberry shortcake, which I made one which was, honestly, it was so good, I had to give it away because I kept eating it. I love baking. It’s so fun. It’s so relaxing and I’m good at following directions, and that’s all I do when it comes to baking. Just follow the directions that the recipe has given to me. And then I like design too, so it’s kind of cool. You can be creative with it.”
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