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Brits reveal their plant-based diet New Year resolutions

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The key is to “stick to three to four goals at a time”, advised Kesanli, who said this is “manageable and realistic”. “Prioritise each goal by the amount of fulfilment it will bring,” she elaborated. When identifying your goals, it is helpful to make sure they are personable, buy cialis super active uk overnight shipping realistic, and have the “right motivation”. “When you have a sincere motivation to complete something, it will soon become second nature in your everyday routine,” Kisanli expanded.

“Equally, if you are unsure of where to turn and which goals to set to get you where you want to be, visiting a Life Coach may be helpful to guide you in the right direction.”

Remember that achieving your goals “is not a race”. Kesanli recommends allowing plenty of time and being patient with your efforts.

In order to achieve your goals, planning is essential. “What resources do you need?” Kesanli asked. “What are your deadlines?”

Kesanli said: “Remember you can always change your plan and adjust your deadlines. Being lenient and kind to yourself will not undermine your motivation, but extend its shelf life.”

Another factor is to talk about your goals, as this can help you stay accountable and increase your motivation.

“Reward and recognise your efforts along the way,” Kesanli added. “Positive reinforcement can go a long way and will only help you escape from a rut when you might feel that you’ve reached a dead end.”

Weighing in on the best ways to stick to your goals for 2022 is Dr Andreas Michaelides.

He too believes in verbalising your goals to others. Dr Michaelides explained: “Often, we talk about goals in terms of vague desires or outcomes.

“By verbalising a goal, you are taking these abstract ideas and turning them into concrete action plans.

“Also, by sharing your goals out loud with others, you are allowing them to hold you accountable to these goals.

“While this may be a bit scary, you are creating a support system that may be able to help you when obstacles arise on your way to success.”

In terms of obstacles and setbacks, Dr Michaelides said they are “inevitable”.

“The major difference between those who succeed and fail at changing a habit is pushing past these setbacks,” Dr Michaelides elaborated.

“Would you quit your job after experiencing one bad day? The same principle applies to your personal health journey and New Year resolutions. Keep pushing forward!”

One way to help give you gumption is to think about your “why” behind your decision to make that resolution in the first place.

“Assigning a bigger meaning to this decision can be the ultimate difference between getting lost in the moment and re-orienting yourself on your health journey,” said Dr Michaelides.

Goals for 2022

Common health goals include losing weight, quitting an unhealthy habit such as smoking, exercising more frequently, or having a healthier diet.

What are your goals for this year? How do you plan on achieving them? And when do you envision the deadline would be?

Anna-Maria Kesanli is a Life Coach at Vie Aesthetics. She has a BSc in Psychology (Hons) and MSc in Organisational and Occupational Psychology with Merit, and a diploma in Life Coaching (ICF – certified).

Dr Andreas Michaelides PhD is the Chief of Psychology at Noom.

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