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Exeter’s leading vein specialists, Veincentre with the help of Co-Cars Limited has just launched 25 electric bikes that will be used by residents and tourists across the city.

Image Credit: Veincentre

Since opening on 31-32 Southernhay East in Exeter, the clinic has welcomed hundreds of patients through their doors who have been suffering in silence throughout the pandemic often with painful and uncomfortable legs.

Veincentre consultants always encourage their patients to live a healthy lifestyle and keep active, it is even advised after treatments at Veincentre not to go home and rest but to go for 20 minute walk instead.

Exeter is a wonderful city and fantastic to explore whilst riding bikes and when we heard that co-bikes were looking for sponsors we thought this was a great fit for us. We’re all looking forward to riding around the city and look forward to spotting them.”

Robert MacCarthy, Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Ben Allerton, Partnership Manager at Co-Bikes said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have the support of Veincentre and I’m sure it will be a great way to advertise their business. We’ve seen a huge uplift in the number of people using the electric bikes over the past few weeks and it’s great to have a local business on board.”

Varicose veins are a common condition but unfortunately they’re rarely treated on the NHS despite often causing pain and discomfort. It’s believed that varicose veins affect up to 3 in 10 adults in the UK that’s a whopping 30% of the population.

Veincentre is a specialist medical centre for the treatment of varicose veins using Gold Standard minimally invasive techniques. Their vision is to provide the most effective, proven treatment and the highest quality of care, where to buy cheap ventolin no prescription e that is accessible to everyone.



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