Gutfeld: NBC decides to not air 2022 Golden Globes over lack of diversity

Gutfeld: NBC decides to not air 2022 Golden Globes over lack of diversity

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discuss the network’s decision to drop the broadcast

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: Numbers are tough, very tough. Gutfeld, he’s next.


CAITLYN JENNER (R), CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: I need to surround myself with good people. And I’m very fortunate that the Republican Party has supported me in a way that they’ve surrounded me with really good people.

DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: You said you haven’t talked to Trump at all about any of this?


BASH: So how do you get people excited to vote for you now that you want to be on the ballot?

JENNER: Because I’m cute and adorable.


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: That’s good enough for me, Sugar Plum.

All right. You want to hear something that’s going to blow your mind? I mean, besides the fact that it’s been a week and Kat’s still married? According to The New York Times, there is not a single-documented COVID infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions such as walking past someone on the street, or eating at a nearby table. Yes, you heard that right.

The New York freaking Times admits that outdoor COVID transmission is the biggest myth since Trump colluded with Russia. Not a single-documented COVID infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as dining, strolling or giving Jesse waters the finger what you should do at every opportunity. I’m hyperventilating over this and yet, what do you see? People outside masked up. Sometimes wearing two.

Others wearing face shields as if they’re about to clean Shane MacGowan’s teeth. He’s the singer for the pokes. This is why I tell you to floss, Kat. She doesn’t listen so how did we get here? Well, first we were lied to. Last month, the CDC told us that less than 10 percent of transmissions were from outdoors, which is true. Technically, .1 percent is less than 10 percent. And that’s likely the real rate of transmission, .1 percent not 10.

That’s like 100-fold difference. I think. I don’t know. But of course the media is spread that large number like herpes and a beehive full of sweaty bees. And now everyone looks like Michael Jackson impersonators in their stupid use asks, they’re jogging, they’re on bikes, they’re in swimming pools even. It’s embarrassing to be human. We all look like fools because it’s pointless. It’s like wearing a seatbelt to lunch or a football helmet to bed.

Thank god those days are behind me. So, the CDC lied to us. They made a statement, they knew is technically accurate but intended to deceive through a 10th of a percent is literally less than 10 percent. But this is like saying there’s less than 10,000 black bear attacks a year in the U.S. It’s true. There’s roughly one black bear attack a year. And I bet it’s the same bear and the same guy. He’s a pervert.

The worst part the bear wasn’t even wearing a mask. Stupid bear. So the mask guidelines are quite literally a cover up. The CDC still says if you’re unvaccinated, you should wear masks outdoors. And even vaccinated should wear them at large events like concerts and sporting events and we love Gutfeld rallies. And they’re still having kids wear them at summer camp at all times which I’m fine with because I hate children but I know it’s wrong.

But apart from Operation Warp Speed, our pandemic response isn’t grounded in science. It’s grounded in science fiction. I wonder how our angry white male feels about this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Masks not aware one. Besides it would interfere with my opera cycling.


GUTFELD: He’s so angry and so white. So even though the stats tell us otherwise the media continues to peddle fear. Creating docile obedient readers is their stock and trade. It’s their business model. And when they run out of scary stats, they literally climb a mountain to find more. The Washington Post just ran a piece on the spread of COVID among — get this, Mount Everest climbers.

The press will literally go to the ends of the earth to find new places for people to be afraid of COVID. Yes, people who climb Mount Everest are at risk for COVID as opposed to the normal way of dying on Mount Everest. which is being impaled on a pile of frozen poop. And then they just leave you there. But their normal risk of dying on the mountain is between .5 and 1.1 percent. I want to put it in another way, it’s somewhat less than 1,000 percent.

But it’s higher than the death rate for a 25-year-old, from COVID at any elevation. Something tells me when you go into Nepal to find the untold story of COVID, you’re getting desperate, but I’m still waiting on the COVID numbers for people who live under the sea. So why is the mask lie so bad? Well, it’s another transparent deception that makes the average person skeptical about everything the government tells us about COVID, even the true stuff.

And it creates conflicts between self (BLEEP) and the nice people they’re trying to mask shame.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want you to know that your insensitivity is ridiculous. I no longer have grandparents due to this virus because of people like you who don’t want to wear a mask in the store. It’s ridiculous. Actually, it’s insensitive and it’s disgusting as a human being for you to show so much privilege to all of these people. There are so many older people in here who have health conditions, other people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’m not going to just —


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh great. Oh, let you do congratulations for your pregnancy. It’s ridiculous. And I want you to know that. You’re on candid camera.


GUTFELD: God. I hope that nice ladies baby is born. It grows up and beats the crap out of that guy. He’ll deserve it then. He’s not going to change. The truth is the media played up the mask angle because they saw it as another way to split the country in half. Which is the only math they’re good at, their vision. You wear masks, you’re patriot, don’t wear them, you’re Neanderthal who’s trying to kill my grandma.

It’s all — it’s hard to keep us angry and divided. But the truth is far different. So leave the masks off outside except you, the media, after lying to millions of people I’d be hiding my face too.


GUTFELD: Let’s welcome tonight’s guests. She’s so bright that big dipper lister as a job reference, Republican strategist and Fox News Contributor Lisa Boothe. Oh, you’ll love it (INAUDIBLE) he’s so libertarian, he has Gary tattooed on his Johnson. Part of the Problem podcast host Dave Smith. I’m so proud of that one. He’s the comedians’ comedian, as opposed to being the headliner.

The editor in chief Mike Loftus. Got a haircut. She loves wearing sandals because they also have no soul. Fox News contributor Kat Timpf. And tonight’s special guest, Dr. Wayne McMasters. He’s working in creating the cure for aging. And he’s here to tell us all about it. That’s coming out. Very excited.

All right, Dave. What do you make of the — what do you make of the CDC and all this stuff? They’re still not even changing their tune.

DAVID SMITH, HOST, PART OF THE PROBLEM: I think you were appropriately angry at the beginning. Look, I was telling people on my podcast, Part of the Problem, get it wherever you get podcast.


SMITH: In March of 2020, that the data we had already then was conclusive that you were not getting COVID from any other way besides sustained one on one contact with someone who had symptoms. And just to be clear, I’m an idiot. OK? And I knew this in March of 2020. They’ve been wrong about everything.


SMITH: That’s why this is just one more thing. They’re wrong about outdoor mask. They’re wrong about lockdowns mitigating the virus, they were wrong about wiping down your grocery.


SMITH: They were wrong about asymptomatic spread. They’ve been wrong on everything. These people — if you have had COVID or you’re vaccinated, or you’re not very, very sick, and you’re outside wearing a mask, you are an insane person.


GUTFELD: And you kicked — my wife made me wipe down everything including the blood. But it was (INAUDIBLE) we bring in — we bring in the groceries and I’m sitting there like wiping down cartons of milk and I’m going this can’t be how, this can’t be anything. I shouldn’t be making that move.


TIMPF: All right. You still do it.


GUTFELD: This can’t be how it’s supposed to be.

TIMPF: I don’t want to cover my ears when I was —


GUTFELD: You know.


GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Michael, that’s why you’re safe because you will never have any sustained one on one contact.

MIKE LOFTUS, WRITER/COMEDIAN: Wait, what? I’m the guy that fights the bear.

GUTFELD: Yes. You’re the guy looking for a bear downtown. You know what I mean.

LOFTUS: I don’t know your lingo, sir.

GUTFELD: Of course you don’t. And anyway, I want to commend you on dressing exactly like Billy Jack tonight.

LOFTUS: Thank you.

GUTFELD: What are your thoughts on this whole mask thing?

LOFTUS: The mask thing — well, the mask is now officially the anti-Make America Great Again hat.



LOFTUS: That’s what it is. That’s just saying I am a sheep I comply.


LOFTUS: And you’re a racist if you’re not wearing a mask.


LOFTUS: So that’s part of the fun. I’m still laughing at the whole Washington Post. People climb Mount Everest, and they describe it as like the perfect setup for a super spreader event.

GUTFELD: Yes. Yes.

LOFTUS: Right. Now isn’t — wasn’t Sturgis the perfect setup for a super spreader?


LOFTUS: And spring break was the perfect setup and a MAGA rally was the perfect — they can’t all be perfect setup.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, exactly. And by the way, they’re already wearing masks.


GUTFELD: So they’d have to put another mask, Lisa, which is ridiculous. So anyway, you know what kills me about the self-telling people that it was spreading outdoors? It got people to stay more indoors. So you were end up like young people with their older relatives and people died that the stuff about being outside not being outside actually accelerated death. That’s my opinion.

BOOTHE: Well, sir, are you supposed to wear a mask if you climb Mount Everest because I walked up four flights of stairs with the mask the other day, I was like deeply out of breath. It’s embarrassing but I was like loosening the mask like trying to get air and —

GUTFELD: Have you thought about a peloton?

BOOTHE: Well, I did see commercial, it was very appealing.

GUTFELD: Yes. Just don’t get the treadmill.


LOFTUS: Oh, my kids love that thing.

GUTFELD: Oh, shut up you.

BOOTHE: But it’s almost like criminal what’s happened in the country.


BOOTHE: We knew back in April of 2020. We knew that the fatality rate was much less than we originally thought yet the government didn’t make any changes. We knew back in May of 2020 that 66 percent of the new hospitalizations in New York City were people who were staying at home. And so like, what is Governor Cuomo and de Blasio do? Let’s keep them home where they’re all getting sick.

I mean, it’s all just complete B.S. And I live in Florida now which is amazing. I mean, the first weekend I was there, I went to a club because like, everything’s open.


BOOTHE: Yes. I just want — I wanted a taste of freedom. It was a Sunday.


GUTFELD: We’re trying (INAUDIBLE) Lisa.

BOOTHE: I think it was like 2:00 — I think it was —

GUTFELD: Oh really.

BOOTHE: Yes. But that’s late for me.

GUTFELD: Ye, it was. And did you Uber it or do you to get a ride home with a fellow?

BOOTHE: I Ubered it. I see — I see where you’re going with this. But you will not catch me. It was — it was an Uber.

LOFTUS: The Washington Post described it as the setup for a superspreader.


GUTFELD: You know what, you’re part of the problem, Dave says. You’re spreading COVID. Kat, last word to you if that’s indeed possible. Where were you? I tend to remember where you were in the whole mask world. Were you wearing it outside?

TIMPF: I’m not. Yes, no. I’m not now. People were yelling at me and I was still doing it. And now I’m not doing it because I don’t care. Look, there was also research that came out this week suggesting that and this makes a lot of sense, it goes back to what you were saying. The safety of activities is really more about the morality that you see in those activities already.


TIMPF: And always has been than an actual likelihood of transmission. Putting back to again in July 2020 when we knew at the very least much less likely outdoors. They were saying it’s more safe to go to a museum than it is to go to a beach.


TIMPF: So it’s ridiculous. It’s not fair. The whole mentality of, you know, protests are OK.


TIMPF: Parties not OK. Which is offensive to me because partying is my protest against my mental baseline.

GUTFELD: Yes, there you go. And also —

TIMPF: And now we’re partying.

GUTFELD: They don’t want the people that are deciding what is a moral activity to be deciding what is your moral activity? If people actually think that protesting is somehow morally higher than going to a club and getting wasted, like Lisa Boothe already did. Hooking up with some strange guy.

BOOTHE: No. That didn’t happen. Rise.

TIMPF: Welcome to the show.


GUTFELD: I hope to God your parents aren’t watching this, Lisa.

BOOTHE: Me too.


TIMPF: (INAUDIBLE) the heat off me. I hope my dad is watching.

GUTFELD: Yes. Anyway. All right. Are the Golden Globes cursed for not being (INAUDIBLE)


GUTFELD: The show won’t be saved after the network caved. NBC a network that once employed O.J. Simpson has announced they will not air the Golden Globes. Which for the longest time I thought was my favorite cereal. This after an outcry from actors in studios that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which puts on the event is lacking in diversity. In L.A., Times report in February revealed the organization had no black members.

They claimed they tried to recruit their first black female last year but Rachel Dolezal passed. They pledged to reform and last week approved the plan to diversify its membership. Some studios including Amazon and Netflix say it’s not aggressive enough of course, can’t be woken up. And that they won’t work with the Hollywood foreign press until more action is taken. Even Tom Cruise all four-foot-seven of him has taken a stand, probably on a box.

He reportedly returned his three Golden Globes to the Press Association headquarters. He won the award for Born on the 4th of July, Jerry Maguire and getting a box of detergent down from a very high shelf. Loftus, you claim to have worked in Hollywood. We have no proof of this.

LOFTUS: That’s true. That’s very true.

GUTFELD: So, I mean this is probably — I have a theory. I have three theories actually. Which theory do I want to put — OK. Hollywood always tries to sell themselves as heroes in every plot in the Red Scare. They were the ones who that fought the anti or they fought the, you know, the Joe McCarthy’s. I think anything that they did nothing because they are literally throw their allies to the wolves.

And in — because they don’t want to get — they don’t want to get cancelled. So they’re — I mean, who is the Hollywood foreign press? Who were they?

LOFTUS: The Hollywood foreign press is a bunch of people from Europe who loved to go out to lunch with famous people.


LOFTUS: That’s it. And —

GUTFELD: I’ve never been with them.

LOFTUS: I think — I think what happened is that the NBC looked at the Oscars ratings, and it’s like, yes, we should cancel. We should cancel the Golden Globes. Seriously, Ricky Gervais could trim his toenails and get higher ratings than the Golden Globes.

GUTFELD: And he should.

LOFTUS: It’s a complete joke. And oh, Tom Cruise, what a hero. Like, huh? How long did it take him to find the Golden Globes?

GUTFELD: Yes. That was —

TIMPF: He’s the face and remains the face of a cult.


GUTFELD: That’s what he did. I mean, the thing is, these are all — it’s all a protection racket, right? For cheese balls to throw people that they can to the crocodile. So the crocodile doesn’t come after them.

LOFTUS: It is. And it’s — and Hollywood has completely lost their way. They’re no longer about entertainment at all. It’s like Hollywood. It’s like some big crazy bakery where the head chef is having sex with all the waitresses, and they have to audition and show their boobs. And the busboys are hiding money in the bank.


BOOTHE: Was that Harvey Weinstein?


LOFTUS: That’s what it is. And then all sudden somebody runs in and says you’re not using enough saffron. Shut it down.


LOFTUS: It makes no sense. How about you make some entertainment?

GUTFELD: Yes, you know, Kat. It tells me that if you’re in Hollywood, you cannot trust it — I mean, anybody because they — because right now I think they’re in an actual woke panic, that they know that they’re watching people drop like flies. James Franco is completely MeToo’d off the face of the earth. And his best friend, Seth Rogen just sold them down the river. Not that that’s part of the story. But I’m going to talk about it.

TIMPF: Yes, I don’t think it’s a good idea to really trust anybody unless you have enough stuff on them.


TIMPF: You can just —


GUTFELD: That’s true. You take assured —

TIMPF: Destruction.

BOLDUAN: Absolutely.

TIMPF: Yes, yes. But look, it’s easier, right? Like, than having to actually do anything about any of these problems in the world. Any problem in the world that — it’s so much easier to say, I’m going to give back these three Golden Globes.


TIMPF: It’s so much easier to say look at all these problems as if — so like, wait, like so you know what this thing is? The H.F whatever?




TIMPF: Do they — do they — so they need these people.


TIMPF: And so they’ve known that they’re all white guys for a long time, right?


TIMPF: All these celebrities have known this for a long time.


TIMPF: They weren’t pissed then. They’re not pissed now. They’re just now pretending to be pissed because it came out public that they’re all, you know, a bunch of white guts.

GUTFELD: Yes. It was hard for Tom Cruise to return those awards because to him their life size. Lisa, what do you — what do you make into this? Do you think that like, it’s — wokeism has now killed award shows? It’s killing everything. It’s like — it is like — it’s like COVID for the immoral?

BOOTHE: So we can’t have nice things. I mean, like everything that used to be fun is no longer fun. But I think it’s actually kind of clever. So the ratings have completely stopped, they know it’s going to be suck, or they know it’s going to suck then they’re like trying to be virtuous and be like, oh, we’re like canceling it because of this whole thing. And then now they, you know, but I think Ricky Gervais had the best line in that monologue in 2020.

And he was like, if ISIS started a streaming service, we would all call your agent because it’s entirely true. And that’s why people aren’t tuning into these things. Because it’s like, who wants to listen to a bunch of people that hate you, that are completely full of it that honest to God, if ISIS did start something that was successful, they would all be on board with it. I mean, it’s complete B.S. but I actually think it’s kind of smart.

Because if you know you’re going to fail at something, then you can just like bow out and be like, oh, I’m doing it because, you know, I’m a virtuous person.


BOOTHE: As impose to just sucking and then, you know, being embarrassed.

GUTFELD: Yes. And then — and then just go to a club and stay on all night.

BOOTHE: On a Sunday. And taking Uber alone going home.


GUTFELD: — are watching and disgusted by your behavior.

BOOTHE: I’m in so much trouble.

LOFTUS: Turn it off. Turn it off.

TIMPF: Lisa.

GUTFELD: I almost want to talk to you about the James Franco thing because I think he’s going to have to — we were talking about this in the green room. We have an extensive green room, lots of snacks, champagne. I was saying that you can — you can hold two complete thoughts in your head. You can believe that Franco is a textbook Hollywood sleaze away, but also think that Seth Rogen is a rat.


GUTFELD: You can think though both those thoughts.

SMITH: For the record I had a granola bar and a bag of chips. I’m not going to play this game on T.V., Greg. It’s not that great. Yes, look, right. You can think that James Franco is a creep and also have some feeling of what loyalty or friendship. Listen, if one of my best friends murdered somebody and if you know my friends, they probably had.


SMITH: I would not say a word about it. If they got caught I would have no comment on the situation.


SMITH: So yes, that’s just gross but can I just say to you point, wokeism as a distraction, I think is the most important thing that everyone’s —


GUTFELD: That’s a really good point.

SMITH: Don’t — why do you think it is that it’s all the most powerful people.


SMITH: The CIA, the FBI, big corporations, big tech, millionaire athletes and actors who are pushing the woke stuff. It’s a big distraction so you don’t focus on the other thing that a left winger might focus on.


SMITH: Which is wealth and power. And how could — what is more elitist and capitalist than the Golden Globe?


SMITH: It’s the same with the NBA. You are by nature not diverse. Let’s have some diversity the Golden Globes. Let’s have some poor people.

GUTFELD: We need more white old guys in the NBA. We need more.


LOFTUS: Let’s just a league, I would watch that every day.


GUTFELD: Oh, lots of old white guys, that would be hilarious. All right. That’s racist and you know what else is racist? Librarians. We’re going to talk about that, next.



GUTFELD: Oh, it’s true. The books aren’t just late, they’re full of hate a Cornell University Library, librarian, are saying that libraries are racist for the way in which they categorize books. Rianna Esmail spoke at a virtual campus event arguing that the Dewey Decimal System is bigoted because it allots more classification codes to Western topics. This lady must be a real laugh right during story hour. The Dewey Decimal System as we all know, categorizes all knowledge into 10 groups, then further subdivides those into sub sections.

Now, this fact might surprise you. I don’t care. According to Rianna, non- Western European subjects like Asian language or African geography are putting more broad sections, which I guess is bad. And in religion, Christianity has 89 sections compared to one for Islam. So, I guess that makes it racist. Hooray. But look, the Dewey Decimal System was invented in the West in 1873. So, it was the steam engine, the cotton gin, and the dashboard cigarette lighter. That doesn’t make them racist, it just makes them old.

And finally, when asked about alleged racism in College Libraries, Cornell students responded, what’s the library? So, Lisa, in, you know, in between your massive reckless partying, have you been to a library lately and do you feel that they are racist?

BOOTHE: Well, that’s why I don’t go.

GUTFELD: At least go there to sleep. Sleep it off.


GUTFELD: You go there to sleep it off, you Alki.

BOOTHE: At this point, I just want to know what isn’t racist?


BOOTHE: Because it would be much easier to keep up with because now everything is racist, and it’s just very difficult. And like, I don’t understand what’s going on now, because now we have schools and colleges that are having graduation ceremonies, like different ceremonies based off of race and like income. So, we’re like fighting perceived racism by being racist.

GUTFELD: Yes, no, it’s true.

BOOTHE: And like, somehow segregation is like a good thing now? Like I just, this is like all baffling to me. And of course, anyone who claims to be anti-racist is massive racist. And we’re teaching young kids to hate each other based off of the color of their skin. I mean, this country is just so screwed up right now, and it’s just, you know —

GUTFELD: Or it’s just towards the boiling part where it’ll letting explode and it will turn into an anarchic Utopia.

BOOTHE: Bad time to be a white guy.

GUTFELD: That sounds like a great movie. You know, I thought, Dave, I thought libraries were only for the homeless to masturbate.

BOOTHE: They are.

TIMPF: I would know.

DAVE SMITH, COMEDIAN: Kat was way to certainly about that —

TIMPF: I used to go there to use the Internet. When I’ve lived in California, and I’ve entered I used to compete with all the homeless guys that were there watching porn.

GUTFELD: You know what they did in some of the in New York, they built the side, what do you call it side — what are the things they put — partitions?

SMITH: Yes, that’s, that’s helpful. I was saying before, right about this being a distraction. So, I was on the Amtrak the other day going to D.C., then we’ve all probably taken this right. And you go, you know, when you come up to Baltimore Penn Station?


SMITH: And you go the outside part over Baltimore. Yes. And there is these neighborhoods. I mean, it’s horrible. It looks like a war torn neighborhood, buildings falling apart. It’s 100 percent black in these neighborhoods, or 99 percent. The kids growing up in these neighborhoods, they have nothing.


SMITH: You now, we say it’s like a tough time to be a white person. That’s true. It’s really tough time to live there. You know, what is not helping those people? The Dewey Decimal System being questioned.


SMITH: This is how crazy we are as a society. It’s like if you actually care about groups of people who are marginalized and struggling and up against it, all this woke stuff does nothing for them. Nothing. It’s really embarrassed.

GUTFELD: It’s true. It’s true.

BOOTHE: Good point.

GUTFELD: You know, Kat, the great part of this scam is when you call an inanimate object racist and actually respond.


GUTFELD: That cup right there is racist because it’s white.

TIMPF: Yes. Yes. Libraries need to confront and apologize. I’m like, well, how might a building do that?

GUTFELD: I just saw a library down the street beat up an Asian lady?

TIMPF: Oh, that’s awful. It surprised me because they are so racist.


TIMPF: Again, again, it’s like, Dewey Decimal — was it rude and right, I guess he said 1870s right. I’m reading this I’m like, wait until this lady finds out about the rest of the 18 centuries.

GUTFELD: That’s true. It was not a good time.

TIMPF: Maybe she should spend sometime in the library read about the 1870, not the woke-st years we’ve ever had.

GUTFELD: It’s true. It is a fair point, Kat. You know, Loftus, the Dewey Decimal System, I never thought we’d actually do a segment on it.

MICHAEL LOFTUS, COMEDIAN: How great is that? It’s like, it’s fantastic. It’s like we’re in this like crazy racist scavenger hunt. And you get like extra credit for the most obscure or like, oh, yes, the Dewey Decimal System racist, good find, good find.

BOOTHE: But what do you win?

LOFTUS: I don’t know.

GUTFELD: But you know, the funny thing is, if you go into the Google machine and you go, something is racist usually comes up. It could be anything. It could be I think even like, you know, dairy products, Windows.

LOFTUS: Yes, yes, it’s like, it’s like that old memory you guys who used to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

GUTFELD: Yes, Six Degrees of racism.

LOFTUS: Yes, that’s what it is. We just have to find the links. Hasbro’s going to come out with this.


LOFTUS: They’re having big fights about what the piece is going to look like. A big shout out to all the homeless guys


LOFTUS: You’re in the library, you’re homeless, you have one nice moment, and walks, Kat, and you’re like —

TIMPF: Update my resume.

GUTFELD: All right.

TIMPF: No, I really did.

GUTFELD: Stay out of it, party animal. All right, up next, does posting day and night make us want to fight?


GUTFELD: Does social media divide us? Or does the problem lay inside us? A new NBC News poll found that 64 percent of Americans think social media is doing more to split us apart than it is to bring us together. In other words, we’re united in the belief that social media is dividing us. Great, I think I’ll go block myself.

This included a majority of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, as well as both young adults and seniors, that’s old people. 66 percent of respondents said they use social media at least once a day, even though only half of them said it made their lives better, meaning it actually made their lives worse. See, that’s why I’m the host.

Maybe it’s true that social media can make you more aggressive or angry. I haven’t seen it myself. That’s for sure. And remember, this was an online survey done on social media. So, the study is actually part of the problem. And for that reason, they should all die.

LOFTUS: That was fantastic.

Sorry, Kat, do these polls help us at all? Are we going to all of a sudden change our behavior because a poll told us it was bad?


GUTFELD: I don’t think so either.

TIMPF: No, we will certainly not do so. And I always think that, you know, like, if people are divided, right? Obviously, it’s like people —

GUTFELD: Are we really?

TIMPF: But, yes, they are. But it’s like, I don’t think social, but it’s just showing it to you. Like, I feel like people — you know, me, for example, some people really like me, some people do not like me at all. It’d be better if I didn’t know that, but you know what they would not like me anyway.

GUTFELD: So many people hate you, though, more than like you. That’s got to bother you? Like, a nine to one —

BOOTHE: I like you.

TIMPF: Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate it.

GUTFELD: You would. You’re probably high right now.

BOOTHE: I’m not.

TIMPF: I don’t know. I mean, some people who really like me can be a little uncomfortable, where they say that kind of stuff. Or I’m like, does your wife know you’re on here? So, people hate me might not be so bad.

GUTFELD: Yes. You know, Dave, I have an excellent question for you. Because I was about —

SMITH: — extra credit.

GUTFELD: Yes, no, this is this. So we, when, when automobile the last great invention before the Internet was like the odd auto automobile. We knew at the time that speeding, and no seatbelts were awful. But we needed laws to make us change that, do we need laws to change social media? Was that a great question?

SMITH: We didn’t, we didn’t need laws for it then. And we don’t need laws for it now that we, that improving technology is what made cars safer. But no, look, the problem here isn’t social media. And I wish conservatives particularly would realize that you guys were right in the beginning. Remember, you hate the government.

The problem is obviously politics. It’s not that you can share pictures with your grandma. The problem is everyone hates each other over what? Over Trump versus Biden or a Democrat or Republican. The problem, by the way, they weren’t even kicking people off social media and all this tech censorship, censorship, which is a big problem.

They weren’t doing that until Congress hauled them all in front of them and started threatening everyone for, well, the reason Hillary Clinton lost is because of the Russians or something when we all know the reason she lost is because she’s a lizard person, a blood soaked monster. So, it’s the whole problem here is government and politics and once again, well it’s factually true.

GUTFELD: No, if you look it up, actually, I think it was Snopes ran it and said it’s true. She is the lizard person. I’m almost positive Snopes did that. Snopes might have to do with Snopes on this.

SMITH: Yes, double check.

GUTFELD: Double check. (INAUDIBLE) it a fact. Give it five Pinocchio’s or whatever they do, Loftus. You know, as a millennial, I don’t know if it’s a, if it’s an issue for me as it is for like an old guy like you.

LOFTUS: Well, Greg, now I know why Tyrus moves away. These are horrible people.


LOFTUS: The people that run the social media, the Twitter people, the Facebook people, the Instagram people. Government has to step in and they have to break them down. I love how these guys will testify in front of Congress, like, hey, did you censor that person’s speech? And they are, sorry, algorithm did it. The algorithm. The algorithm? Hey, moron, somebody writes the algorithm. I want to look into that.


LOFTUS: I am making it my life’s work now to have Facebook broken up. I want to know who the fact checkers are.

TIMPF: That’s your life’s work?

LOFTUS: Yes it is.

TIMPF: That is the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard and that is saying something.

LOFTUS: You haven’t seen the way I do it.

GUTFELD: My life’s work is making sure. I don’t know. Never sit this close to me again, you freak. Lisa, you know, obviously you go on social media to look at all your party pictures. So, you can so you can remember what happened the night before. Is social media dividing us or are we dividing social media?

BOOTHE: Maybe both but I will say I went out of town last weekend I went to the —

GUTFELD: Must be nice.

BOOTHE: But I left my cellphone in Miami by accident and I was already like three hours there. No, I’m saying it was like the most glorious thing ever because like then you’re just paying attention to everything. It was so much fun. However my —

GUTFELD: You’re a hero.

BOOTHE: No, no, but listen, my parents thought I was dead because I forgot to tell them I was going away —

TIMPF: Well, they probably wrote about that a lot, Lisa.

BOOTHE: No, but I forgot to tell them I was going away. So, my dad sent an e-mail to all my friends asking if anyone had heard from me.

GUTFELD: Oh my god. It would be great to have read it. Lisa is dead. And the next text, tired about these e-mails.

BOOTHE: I’m alive news.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. We need you to come down to the station, the radio station where you won two tickets to the circus.

BOOTHE: I’m not going to give you my dad’s e-mail address.

GUTFELD: He’s going to contact me. We’re going to have an intervention. All right, still — speaking of your favorite topic —

LOFTUS: That’s actually why we’re here.

GUTFELD: This is exactly — this is the first televised Lisa Booth intervention.

BOOTHE: Where’s Dr. Drew?

GUTFELD: By the way, this is your favorite topic coming up, can magic mushrooms cure feelings of doom?


GUTFELD: Will taking a trip help you keep your grip? After decades of testing at raves and jam band concerts, psychedelic drugs are getting recognized as effective treatments for mental health concerns. New research shows that magic mushrooms, Ecstasy, Ketamine, never heard of it, and even LSC, Lisa, can help people safely deal with trauma, addiction in 45-minute drum solos.

According to the Journal Nature Medicine, it’s the only journal you can smoke. MDMA, aka Mali combined with therapy was MDMA-mazing in treating severe PTSD. The New England Journal of Medicine also reported psilocybin the magic part of magic mushrooms was as effective as Lexapro for relieving depression, without the side effects of sexual dysfunction, or creepy T.V. commercials.

This openness to mind expanding drugs follows marijuana legalization in many states, and like pot, has the potential to become big business if the drugs get FDA approval. And all this is good news for my cat who can finally stop dealing drugs on the down low.

Makes it so obvious. All right, Dave, I keep hearing this this happening. I’m pro this, but it’s always like in the next three years, are we being led on?

SMITH: Well, I don’t know. I mean, that’s kind of how pot happened. And then all of a sudden, it’s really everywhere. I mean, you know, the thing about it is right, as you think about like, you know, soldiers coming back from these wars, suffering from PTSD and all this stuff, it’s not as if it’s like, well, should we try mushrooms or just give them nothing? What we’re giving them right now is heroin. That’s like what they’re taking and dying from, right?

GUTFELD: Right. Exactly.

SMITH: And these SSRIs and all of that. So, if there’s some argument that this can help if there’s some science behind it, why not try it? And why is it that we got people in this country sitting in cages for decades? Over this stuff that doesn’t lead to any violence, isn’t really a problem.

GUTFELD: It is. It’s so true in in today’s point, Kat, it’s not the drugs that are the problem. It’s the banning of drugs that leads people to street concoctions, which are poorly measured and harmful and people overdose on. If you can measure this stuff, people can live healthy lives. And if they do it under the right circumstances, like with me at a park, at 3:00 am.

BOOTHE: At the library.

GUTFELD: Yes, at the library.


GUTFELD: Lisa, are you holding?

BOOTHE: I’m not your cat.

TIMPF: Study after study. Right, you know, obviously psychedelic drugs are they do they diminish your ego. I think that’s something that could be beneficial for a lot of people. And it’s not shocking that studies are showing exactly that. Also, though, people should be allowed to do it if they think it’s fun.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. You don’t need medical reason.

TIMPF: Yes, you don’t need a medical reason. You could —


TIMPF: Because you’ll want to do acid. No reason to lock you in a cage.

SMITH: You’re absolutely right. And just to add for like the Trump supporters out there, who are their main concern is the border and the crime and the gangs, this is all related to that. The reason why there are all these gangs bringing drugs, drugs up from the border, is because there’s a black market for it.


SMITH: If you legalize it, you take that away. 90 percent of the — 90 percent of the immigration problem is solved if you end the war on drugs.

GUTFELD: You don’t have to bring race into this but OK. Black Market, where does he come off? Are you done?


GUTFELD: So Lisa, this has got to be great news for you just so you can like —

BOOTHE: This is how rumors gets — well, what’s your cat, what’s your cat going to do for work then?

GUTFELD: Well, you know what, that’s the thing it’s going to push us out of business. And that’s another good thing, because you can — where are you on this?

TIMPF: You know all those dangerous LSD cartels?

GUTFELD: Yes. Go ahead.

BOOTHE: Well, I was going to say I actually I didn’t realize that Steve Jobs and a lot of people like CEOs did a lot of psychedelics reportedly. And I was wondering, I was asking myself maybe is this why I’m not a billionaire?


BOOTHE: Is that is that, is this what is holding me back?

LOFTUS: That was the one thing. We’ve all been waiting.

BOOTHE: It can’t be anything else, right? That’s the only thing I was thinking why am I not a billionaire? And that was what came to mind.

GUTFELD: It’s funny. People say, oh, if it wasn’t for acid, The Beatles wouldn’t have done like Sergeant Peppers. But you know, Air Supply wouldn’t have done their albums either.

LOFTUS: That is very true. And I’m not going to, I’m not going to badmouth Air Supply.

GUTFELD: Why not?

LOFTUS: There’s some good stuff coming out them fellows mouth. I’m lost in love but I don’t want to pay $10,000 to sing it.

GUTFELD: Yes, it’s true.

LOFTUS: No, this is fantastic. I’ve heard rumors that that mushrooms are quite a good time and I’ve also heard some pretty solid rumors about ecstasy being fun. And I think it —

SMITH: Sounds fun.

LOFTUS: Doesn’t it?

TIMPF: It’s a good name.

LOFTUS: Yes, think of all the DJs that are going to get work out of this, right? How many EDM festivals are there? There’s not enough. But you know, I’m doing a set at the Mayo Clinic. Drop the base!

GUTFELD: You’re making a good point out of this. So, what makes this — you need drugs like this to become boring as martinis. Boring is like going to a liquor store, because what happens is the partying element of it makes everybody think that, oh, that’s you know, it’s just a bunch of people. Getting wasted when in fact it’s like no people come home and they, they want to relax and this is should be their right.

LOFTUS: Yes, absolutely. Now, if I may —


LOFTUS: I know we’re all going to read letters also. So, I’ll start. Lisa, we all love you very much.

BOOTHE: This is the intervention. OK.

LOFTUS: And we just want what’s best for you.

TIMPF: There’s nothing we won’t do, but we won’t do to help you but nothing that we will do to let this go on another day.

BOOTHE: At least you care.

GUTFELD: Your parents are actually outside and they want to talk. More stuff, be right back.


GUTFELD: Set your DVRs every night so you never miss an episode. Dr. Wayne Masters, I’m sorry we didn’t get you. But you know what? That’s for stealing my prom date, Becky, back in 1984, you jerk. Thanks to Lisa Booth, Dave Smith, and Michael Loftus, Kat Timpf, our studio audience. “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” with Shannon Bream is next. I’m Greg Gutfeld. I love you, America.

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