This pile of rice could help explain the popularity of Bernie Sanders

Don’t be surprised if Bernie Sanders shows up at his next rally with a bag of rice.

After all, this video from Humphrey Yang racked up millions of views across Twitter TWTR, +0.58% and TikTok over the weekend by using grains of rice to capture the wealth divide that Sanders has been raging against for years.

Specifically, with a single grain representing $100,000, Yang used a staggering 58 pounds to capture the vast wealth of AmazonAMZN, -0.03%founder Jeff Bezos, estimated to be $122 billion at the time of filming.

In one of the more compelling visuals, Yang showed what’s left of Bezos’s rice pile after the purchase of his new $165-million home:

Somewhere, Sanders is shaking his head and wagging his finger.

During the Democratic debate in Las Vegas last month, Sanders said we have to confront the “grotesque and immoral” wealth divide in this country, and he directly called out one of his deep-pocketed rivals for the nomination.

“Bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million Americans,” he said. “That’s wrong. That’s immoral. That should not be the case when we got half a million people sleeping out on the street. When we have kids who cannot afford to go to college. When we have 45 million people dealing with student debt.”

As for the video, Yang’s efforts clearly weren’t lost on another Democratic presidential hopeful who’s also looking to raise taxes on the wealthy:

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