These 10 Senate Races Are Already Over

The U.S. Senate is up for grabs this year. The Republicans have 53 seats and the Democrats 47. Democrats may be able to take a majority, based on polls from state to state. Whether Democratic or Republican, 10 Senate races are all but over, barring a scandal or the death of the candidate who is ahead. The leads for these candidates, based on polls, are too large to overcome with three weeks until election day.

Michigan incumbent Democrat Gary Peters has been in the Senate since 2015. His lead over the Republican challenger is by 10 percentage points in the most recent poll, done October 7 by Emerson, according to information gathered by Real Clear Politics. In a previous poll done by CNBC released on October 4, his lead was eight percentage points. The day before, a Reuters poll put him up by seven points.

Montana incumbent Republican Steve Daines leads Democratic Governor Steve Bullock by an amount just short of double digits. In a new Emerson poll, he is up by nine percentage points. That figure has widened since a New York Times poll in September, which showed his lead at only one percentage point.

In Alabama, Republican Tommy Tuberville was up 12 percentage points in a recent poll over incumbent Democrat Doug Jones. It was taken by Auburn University. Tuberville has aligned himself with Donald Trump throughout the election.

Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly was up eight percentage points over Republican incumbent Martha McSally in a CNBC poll released October 7. The same day, a Reuters a poll showed him ahead by 10 points. A New York Times poll released on October 5 had him ahead by 11 points.

Delaware Democrat Senator Chris Coons was up by 30 percentage points over Republican Lauren Witzke in a poll released October 5 by the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication. Coons is helped by the fact that Delaware is the home state of the presidential candidate and former vice president, Joe Biden.

In Oklahoma, incumbent Republican Jim Inhofe had a lead of 24 percentage points over challenger Abby Broyles in a recent poll. The Sooner poll, released on September 9, showed the large advantage of the man who has held the Senate seat since 1994.

New Hampshire Republican incumbent Jeanne Shaheen has a wide lead over challenger Republican Corky Messner. She was up by 14 points in a St. Anselm survey released on October 4. She led by 15 percentage points in an Emerson poll released on October 1.

New Mexico Democrat Ben Ray Lujan was up by 10 percentage points over Republican Mark Ronchetti in a PPP poll released on October 1. He was ahead by nine percentage points in an Albuquerque Journal poll released September 2. Each candidate is running for the seat that will be vacated by Senator Tom Udall.

Virginia incumbent Democrat Mark Warner was up by 13 percentage points over challenger Republican Daniel Gade. The poll was taken by Christopher Newport University and released on September 21. Another poll, by VCU, released on September 7 showed Warner up by 17 points.

In Texas, Republican incumbent John Cornyn was up by nine percentage points over challenger Democrat M.J. Hegar. The poll was taken by Rasmussen Reports. Cornyn was up by eight percentage points or more in each of the three previous polls.

Thirty-five Senate seats are being contested this year. Ten are fundamentally decided.

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