Samsung blasts creepy ‘1’ notification on Galaxy phones

Samsung inadvertently creeped out smartphone users with a mysterious numerical message from an app used to locate lost devices.

Several owners of Samsung Galaxy phones reported receiving a bizarre notification from the “Find My Mobile” service showing only the number 1 on two separate lines.

Users said nothing happened when they tapped on the unexpected message, which was reported starting late Wednesday. But that didn’t stop people who received it from expressing their confusion — and paranoia — on Twitter before an official Samsung account finally explained the ordeal.

“Anyone else get that find my mobile push notification that just about gave me a heart attack?” one user tweeted early Thursday morning.

“If you just got woken up by Samsung Find My Mobile saying 1 1 to you then congratulations you will be saved when the Rapture comes,” another wrote.

The “Find My Mobile” app that delivered the notification allows Samsung users to locate their phones when they go missing. They can also use the app to remotely back up data, block access to the Samsung Pay service, lock the phone’s screen or delete all data stored on the device.

Samsung sent the notification “unintentionally during an internal test,” according to a tweet from the tech giant’s UK support account. The company said the alert had no effect on the phones and was only delivered to “a limited number” of Galaxy devices — even though reports of the phenomenon were widespread.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers,” Samsung said in the tweet.

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