Dividend stock investing in 9 steps — plus other top investing tips

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Money and investing stories popular with MarketWatch readers this past week include a deep dive into the dividend-producing investment strategies of two winning mutual fund managers. Plus, read about a new look at indexing’s popularity over active management among stock-fund investors, check out a list of strong dividend-paying stocks to consider, and watch an interview with a top stock-market strategist about whether market fundamentals justify current stock prices.

— Jonathan Burton

Two winning fund managers pick some favorite cash-generating stocks.
9 secrets of dividend investing, from a couple of stock pros who beat the market

This list is based on the advice of Matthew Page and Ian Mortimer of Guinness Atkinson Asset Management.
Here are 25 Dividend Aristocrat stocks screened for ‘quality’

If the dollar’s fate worries you, it might be time to change your investments
What a falling dollar could do to the stock market

Investors are plowing money into passively managed stock funds just as quickly as they’re yanking it out of active ones.
This chart shows investors’ tectonic shift away from stock pickers

Hedge fund investors continued to pull out their money in December, marking the second-straight month of outflows and quickening the pace of annual redemptions.
Hedge funds lost the most money in a decade in 2019

It’s hard to see how the S&P 500 can rise very much in a low-growth world.
This simple math means stock-market returns will be anemic over the next decade

Sentiment extremes tend to correct themselves.
Why bullishness on gold is likely to prompt a drop in prices in coming sessions

Chris Harvey, Wells Fargo Securities’ head of equity strategy, discusses expectations for U.S. markets amid a plethora of bearish signals.
Do fundamentals support record levels for equities?

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