World’s Largest Fireworks Launched In Colorado

Steamboat Fireworks has set a Guinness world record by launching a 62-inch, 2,797-pound firework a mile into the air.

The massive fireworks were launched at the end of the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival Saturday night. It marked a thrilling conclusion of the Night Extravaganza on Howelson Hill, the signature event of the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival.

The pyrotechnic milestone eclipsed the firework record of 2,397 pounds set in the United Arab Emirates in December, 2018.

Project Manager Tim Borden of Steamboat Fireworks dedicated his group’s achievement to the City of Steamboat Springs, especially its public safety organizations – firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians and the Routt County Search & Rescue team.

“We had to work closely with these people to ensure that our firework posed absolutely no danger to people, wildlife or structures in the area,” he said in a press release.

Borden also thanked his team members Ed MacArthur, Jim Widmann and Eric Krug. They analyzed the data compiled from the group’s 2019 failure, he said, referring to a launch last year that resulted in a premature explosion of the firework within underground. The team made a couple of significant changes to the structure of the shell and the lift inside the mortar.

The shell was more than seven inches thick, and the mortar used to launch the shell was 26 feet long. A representative of the Guinness Book of World Records presented Steamboat Fireworks with an official certification after witnessing the event.

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