Uber shrinks NYC office — Two Sigma extends internships — Wall Street reacts to a president-elect

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After a wild week, we now begin the march to inauguration day on January 20th. The interactions between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden will be closely watched by Wall Street. 

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Internships over virtual learning

Why go back to school when you can get great work experience and get paid?

The debate over experience versus education has been around for a while, but it's come back into the forefront with schools offering virtual classes.

Reed Alexander has a nice look at $58 billion Two Sigma, which has started extending internships to students who aren't excited about returning to school virtually.

Read more about a Harvard student who is bypassing Cambridge, Mass., to intern again at the Wall Street giant. 

Click here to read the entire story.

Uber is looking to dump a big chunk of a huge new NYC office it recently signed. It's an abrupt turnaround for the ride-hailing giant.

Another domino has fallen in the world of NYC office real estate. Daniel Geiger with a nice scoop about Uber looking to reduce its physical footprint in New York. Read more here. 

Nick Maounis' $2 billion Verition Fund Management is up more than 22% — outperforming other multi-strategy hedge funds like Citadel and Millennium

 Another nice scoop, this one from Bradley Saacks, about the performance of Nick Maounis' new hedge fund. Read more here about how much it is up. 

Odd lots:

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