U.S. Covid Hospitalizations Soar as New Cases Top 100,000 a Day

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Coronavirus patients are filling hospital beds across the U.S. Midwest, with Illinois and Michigan hospitalizing about 100 Covid-19 cases a day, and North Dakota and South Dakota reporting almost a fifth of its inpatients having the pandemic disease.

Illinois admitted an average of 131 Covid-19 cases a day to hospitals over the past week, while admissions toMichigan hospitals averaged 95 cases. Elsewhere, Florida topped the country after hospitalizing an average of 136 Covid-19 patients daily in the same period, according to Department of Health and Human Servicesdata analyzed by Bloomberg News.

Nationwide, 58,678 beds were occupied by Covid-19 patients, the data showed. Almost 11,000 patients are being treated in intensive care units, according to theCovid Tracking Project.

Hospitalizations have soared as daily Covid-19 cases topped 100,000 in the U.S. this week. Admissions increased more than 30% in Michigan, Florida, and Ohio, and more than 20% in Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Missouri from Oct. 30 to Nov. 6, government data indicated.

Texas had 6,377 Covid-19 patients in hospital as of Friday, more than any other state, with hospitalizations increasing 6.7% over the past week.

Covid-19 cases make up 10% or more of all hospitalized patients in 18 states. These are the eight states that have the highest proportion of Covid-19 inpatients as of Friday, with Midwest states making up six of them:

% Covid inpatients Oct. 30
Nov. 3
Nov. 6

These are the states with the most Covid-19 inpatients as of Friday:

StateOct. 30Nov. 6

Change in

# Covid-19 patients

% Change in

Covid-19 patients

New York2,2942,4982048.9
North Carolina1,5051,553483.2
New Jersey1,0291,22819919.3

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