Top Stories this AM: Caitlyn Jenner takes a page from Trump's book; in-flight unruliness will cost you; the WEF is called off, again

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What’s going on today:

  • Venmo is blocking some payments mentioning Palestinian relief funds. The company says it’s following the law. Venmo said it was trying to avoid running afoul of US sanction laws. But users say Venmo blocked transactions to legitimate charities. 
  • Caitlyn Jenner is taking a page from the Trump playbook by including pre-checked recurring donation boxes on her fundraising emails. The strategy has been criticized for tricking donors into giving more than they intended. And while it’s not technically illegal, election officials think the practice should be banned. 
  • A 6-year-old girl survived an Israeli airstrike on Gaza after being trapped under rubble for hours. But other children have not been so lucky. Sixty children, mostly Palestinian, have been killed as conflict between Israel and Hamas enters its second week.
  • Off again, on again, off again: The World Economic Forum, set to take place in Singapore this August, has been pushed back again following an uptick in unconnected COVID-19 cases in the city-state.  Officials say the in-person meeting will now be held in early 2022. Meanwhile, Singapore is under new restrictions for the next month.
  • Donald Trump made a big show of donating his $400,000 federal salary while president, but seemingly has no trouble accepting a presidential pension. Since leaving office, Trump has received more than $65,000 of the $221,400 in federal pension pay he’s entitled t0. He’s also using taxpayer money to fund everything from printer toner to a salary for Stephen Miller. 
  • Please don’t do that. The Federal Aviation Administration announced fines for four unruly plane passengers totaling $100,000. The largest fine, $52,500, was issued to a man who attempted to forcibly open the cockpit door and physically assaulted a flight attendant. 

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