Top Stories this AM: A GOP strategist says Trump is the 'mad king' of Mar-A-Lago; TikTok's new privacy policy; $1.3 million — for a parking space

Good morning and welcome to your weekday morning roundup of the top stories you need to know.

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What’s going on today: 

  • Welp. ? Tiktok’s new privacy policy lets it collect your biometric data, including ‘faceprints and voiceprints’. The policy could potentially let it collect most US users’ biometric data without their consent, according to TechCrunch.
  • Here we go again. ? MyPillow’s Mike Lindell filed another lawsuit against voting machine companies that includes quotes from ‘1984,’ Shakespeare, and ‘Fahrenheit 451’. Sections of the 82-page lawsuit are titled things like “The Rise of the Machines,” “Gaslighting: The REAL Big Lie,” and “Shut Up Or Else.”
  • A GOP strategist flips. ? Former Bush chief strategist says the US needs to ‘go all in with the Democratic Party’ to ‘guard our Republic’. Matthew Dowd, who served as chief strategist for President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign, said on Twitter Thursday he now views the Democratic Party as the only option for Americans. The GOP, he said, “has bought into the mendacity from the mad king of Mara lago [sic]” and “are a party of autocracy.”
  • A Doge take over. ? Coinbase is giving away $1.2 million in dogecoin as it starts letting users trade the meme cryptocurrency. The crypto surged in trading this week after Coinbase announced that users can now trade the popular cryptocurrency, which, as you know, started as a joke.
  • Wonder what the car looks like. ? A parking spot in Hong Kong’s luxury Peak district sold for a record-breaking $1.3 million. The $1.3 million price tag beat the 2019 world record of $969,000 for a parking bay, which was also set in Hong Kong. Sigh. 

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