This Is The Oldest House For Sale In America

Most of America’s oldest homes are located in the area of The Thirteen Colonies, particularly in the northeast area of Massachusetts, Maine, New York, and Connecticut. These states had most of the population in the late 1700s in what would become the United States.  Thousand of the homes built after the American Revolutionary War are still standing. It is more unusual to find ones built before 1700.

The oldest house for sale in the U.S. today is in Massachusetts, near where the battles of Lexington and Concord, which started the Revolutionary War, is located.

This house is located at 222 Barretts Mill Rd, Concord, MA. It was built in 1671. The house is priced at $1.3 million. It sits on 1.7 acres. gives a general description:

A six-bedroom farmhouse features wide floorboards, beamed ceilings, millwork, original fireplaces, built-ins, and a beehive oven. The property also comes with a sunken garden, small cottage, and an outbuilding.

The house is large, by most standards, measuring 4,281 square feet. It still has many of the floorboards, fireplaces, and beamed ceilings from when it was built. Most of the houses on the same street have similar estimated prices in a range from just under $1.3 million to one over $1.9 million.

Concord sits northwest of Boston. Concord’s population is just under 18,000. Ninety-two percent of the population is White. According to the Census, the median age of residents is 42 years old.

Concord is extraordinarily affluent. Its median household income at just over $153,000 is well over twice the national figure. The poverty rate of 3.9% is substantially below the national figure. The property tax burden is high at almost $17,000.

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