The Worst Statistic About Your State

Each of the 50 states is a product of its own unique history, laws, culture, and geography. Indeed, no two states are exactly alike, and many of the attributes that make each state unique are a point of pride. Other unique characteristics, however, are not. 

Across hundreds of measures related to governance, safety, personal finance, state finance, industrial output, environmental sustainability, climate, and more — every state has at least one area in which it excels, performing better than any other state. Conversely, every state also has at least one area in which it performs worse than most states. 

24/7 Wall St. reviewed a range of data sets and state facts to identify the worst statistics about every state. In compiling this list, we prioritized a diversity of measures. Data came from sources including the U.S. Census Bureau, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the FBI

In many cases, a state’s worst statistics is largely a product of governmental priorities. These statistics include measures like a poorly funded public pension system, low investment in education, and a near-junk credit rating status. While not necessarily an indictment of current state government leadership, measures such as these can be indicative of poor management — past or present. Here is a look at the best- and worst-run states

In many other cases, the worst statistic is largely out of the control of any state government or population. These statistics include measures related to extreme temperatures and the likelihood of destructive storms. Here is a look at every major U.S. city’s worst weather event.

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