Opinion: Simone Biles maintains gold standard despite 19-month layoff between competitions

INDIANAPOLIS – No matter how many superlatives are used to describe Simone Biles and her greatness, it's not enough.

Not even close.  

Competing in her first meet since the 2019 world championships – that's 587 days, for those counting – Biles became the first woman ever to compete a Yurchenko double pike vault. When it's recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation, likely before the Tokyo Olympics, it will be the fifth skill named for Biles. 

She has another vault named for her, as well as two skills on floor exercise and one on balance beam. 

Oh, Biles won the U.S. Classic, too. Her score of 58.4 was more than a point higher than teammate Jordan Chiles, even with a fall on uneven bars, her final event.

It's easy to take Biles' greatness for granted. Not only does the reigning Olympic and world champion win every time she steps on the floor – literally. She's won every meet she's entered going back to the 2013 U.S. championships – but she appears to do it with ease. Her margins of victory are massive, and the cameras often catch her yawning on the sidelines.

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