How Many People Will Be Fired When Sprint Is Married to T-Mobile?

Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) and T-Mobile US Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) finally will merge. As is true in all such combinations of similar companies, some people will lose their jobs. Sprint has roughly 28,500 employees. T-Mobile has about 52,000.

Several sets of employees will be out of work eventually, although the companies may wait until the merger is a year or two old. The two companies do not need to each have thousands of stores. Some retail workers are as good as gone.

The two companies obviously will combine headquarters staffs. General and administrative staff will be cut as well. This will include people in accounting, finance, human resources and corporate communications. The company will not need two sets of investor relations people.

The number of workers who run the infrastructure will be cut back as well. The merged company will not need as many technicians as they eventually merge their infrastructures. Some of these people work in data and hub centers. Others work well outside central offices, where they handle system upgrades and repair.

Data released by the company shows that senior management will be paid very well when the combination is underway. In the meantime, a lot of people will not survive the transition.

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