Fed Buyback Rules, BOE Signals Negative, India Stumbles: Eco Day

Welcome to Friday, Asia. Here’s the latest news and analysis from Bloomberg Economics to help take you through to the weekend.

  • The Fed is considering extending unprecedented constraints on dividend payments and share buybacks on the biggest U.S. banks
  • The BOE gave the clearest signal yet that it may consider cutting interest rates below zero for the first time in its history
  • India’s economy is heading for a double-digit decline after the nation emerged as a new global hotspot for the coronavirus
  • Australia’s best shot at a Covid-19 vaccine faces plenty of technical challenges. But there’s another concern that has little to do with science and all to do with economics — a research funding crisis
  • Hong Kong is drawing fresh criticism from economists and business advocates who say a third round of stimulus doesn’t go far enough
  • Pressure is on in the U.S. too, with some Democrats urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring a new coronavirus relief bill up for a vote
  • The WTO is set to announce the departure of three candidates in the race to lead the trade body
  • The arrival of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is set to allow the Bank of Japan to take an even longer-term view on achieving a price goal
  • It’s becoming likely that if the U.K. is blown off course next year, the central bank could employ sub-zero rates, writes Dan Hanson
  • Argentina’s latest crackdown on dollar purchases exposed a split between the nation’s top policy makers
  • The South African Reserve Bank left the benchmark interest rate unchanged, ending its easing cycle
  • Big tech’s market-leading days might be numbered
  • The worst shipping crisis in decades is putting lives and trade at risk

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