California’s Iconic Giant Redwood Trees Burn Amidst Massive, Out Of Control Wildfire; 50,000 Acres Blackened, 0% Containment

An ancient stand of the world’s tallest trees has fallen victim to California’s raging wildfires. The CZU and SCU complex fires near Santa Cruz have ravaged Big Basin State Park. Big Basin is California’s oldest state park and home to the largest continuous stand of ancient coast redwoods south of San Francisco.

Some of the giant redwoods there are more than 50 feet around and as tall as the Statue of Liberty. At 1,000 to 1,800 years old, some may predate the Roman Empire.

Ethan Barron, a business/tech reporter at the Mercury News in San Jose, CA, posted photos to his Twitter account today showing the devistation the fire has caused among the majestic trees.

Fire climbing up redwood bark near Big Basin park—
EthanBaron (@ethanbaron) August 21, 2020

Some redwoods in Big Basin Redwoods State Park we’re burning in their hearts and seemed doomed to fall—
EthanBaron (@ethanbaron) August 21, 2020

Another burning heart at Big Basin Redwoods State Park—
EthanBaron (@ethanbaron) August 21, 2020

The CZU and SCU complex fires have blackened 229,000 acres thus far, making it the 7th largest fire in the state’s history. Despite over 1,000 fire personnel working for the past 3 days, the blazes remain zero percent contained.

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Redwood trees are fire-adapted, so the fact that they have burnt does not mean the end of them. Big Basin, in particular, has benefited from the longest, continuous program of prescribed burning anywhere in the state since the purposeful burning done by indigenous people. In 1904, Big Basin was ablaze and, at the time, the New York Times said the forest “seems doomed for destruction.” But Big Basin recovered.

In fact, anything that’s been around this state for centuries has probably survived its share of wildfires. But the twin threats of human encroachment and climate change are profound added stressors.

Earlier today, California Governor Gavin Newsom asked the President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster in his state.

“We have a federal request in…a bipartisan request to get a major disaster declaration here in the state of California.”

Newsom that declaration would, of course provide more funds to the state, but also allow it to be more “flexible” in its wildfire response.

In an update on Friday morning, Cal Fire said it expected to see “significant fire growth.”

“Extreme fire behavior with short and long range spotting are continuing to challenge firefighting efforts,” said the agency. “Fires continue to make runs in multiple directions and impacting multiple communities.”

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