BayView Entertainment Acquires UK Genre Distributor Vipco

EXCLUSIVE: BayView Entertainment today announced its acquisition of Vipco, a famed UK genre production and distribution company that launched in the 1970s, with a specialty in cult and obscure horror films, which it will be bringing stateside.

Vipco cuts its teeth in Britain’s video nasty era with titles like The Driller Killer, Zombie Flesh Eaters and The Slayer, more recently garnering success with such films as Devil in the Woods and Zombie Lover. The UK distributor is currently run by Terrence Elliott and Peter Goddard, who will remain as part of the company, with BayView Entertainment and Vipco working together to acquire and distribute horror titles across North America and the UK.

“Famed for its cult and horror genre releases, Vipco delivered numerous films to the shores of the UK and has always caught my attention and admiration,” said BayView’s VP of Acquisitions, Peter Castro. “Older horror fans remember Vipco and we are thrilled to have them join the Bayview family here in the USA.”

Castro has appointed Goddard as BayView’s New Media Director, with Elliott as Director of Sales, noting that “these personnel additions will strengthen BayView’s domestic genre output as well as giving us a base of operations in the UK.”

“Vipco for decades has been a name synonymous with UK releases of horror. From the days of the video nasties in ’80s Britain through to the advent of DVDs, Vipco has held a strong fondness for horror fans,” said Elliott. “Now with becoming part of the BayView family, Vipco can reach much further than ever before! Vipco are so excited for the future with BayView and cannot wait to start providing more soul-ripping horror than ever before!”

“Due to being such a small outfit, it made perfect sense to expand the company with BayView taking over the reins. We were already involved with them with a few overseas deals but to have them fully behind the company is very exciting,” added Goddard. “Now the Vipco name can grow and evolve so much faster than ever before. We’re bracing ourselves for some big things to come from the newly branded company. These are very exciting times to be a Vipco fan!”

Holding rights to the catalogs of such additional companies as Monterey Media and Bennett Marine Video, BayView Entertainment has over the last 18+ years released such films as the comedy The Enormity of Life, starring Breckin Meyer, and the drama Burning Bodhi, led by The Flight Attendant‘s Kaley Cuoco. More information on the company can be found here.

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